Pikoro Village
Some attributes
First Formation: unknown
Second Government: Lorddom
Third Unknown
Other attributes
 Pikoro Village is known for being the first village to join the Phoenix Alliance.


Pikoro is the name of a village that Aphmau found on her journey to help the Bright Port wolf tribe. After saving the Lords of Pikoro Village and Bright Port from Zane's plan, Pikoro Village was the first village to formally join the Phoenix Alliance.

Fifteen years in the future, a Warlock pretending to be of the same cause as Lucinda tricked her into allowing him to live there, whereupon she discovered the truth. As the Warlock died, he bound his spirit to the land and cursed it with eternal winter. He tried to come back to live by possessing a woman of the village, before he was finally dispelled through the combined efforts of Travis and Aphmau.

At the end of Season 3 Episode 17, Aphmau finds out Pikoro village was attacked by Shadow Knights. Survivors of the invasion told the Dragon Ward that a Nether portal had appeared.