Pinkie Cake is a pink pony that Zane loves and he has said "Pinkie Cake" was his "favorite" pony many times in Side stories. It is from Mlp, (My Little Pony) but probably due to copyright reasons, her name is not Pinkie Pie, but now Pinkie Cake, and My Little Pony was dubbed "My Little Horsie".


Pinkie Cake acts very similar to MLP:FIM (My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)'s Pinkie Pie she has a high pitched voice and was made alive to grant Zane's Chrismas Wish and she can't do buisness without her buisness glasses, which they fought for a really long time. So when Aphmau kissed Zane Zamemau happen.


Minecraft Slumber Party Side Stories

She hasn't really appeared in Slumber Party Side Stories but has been mentioned in conversation by characters like Brendan and Laurance. Brendan says that he would be Pinkie Cake.

My Street

In MyStreet episode 11, "How the Zane Stole Christmas" Pinkie Cake was brought alive by the Chrismas Spirits to help Zane


  • Her Voice Actor is Eile Monty who also plays Cadenza
  • She can't do buisness without her buisness glasses
  • She is based off of Pinkie Pie from MLP
  • Brendan says he would be Pinkie Cake