REM Drive/Transcript

-The episode starts with a loading screen appearing on the screen. The player clicks "play", and logs onto Dreams of Estorra. We then get a view of Estorra, and it's beauty. The camera then focuses on two blacksmith fixing/making weapons. One of the blacksmiths loses focus and gazes into the distance-

Blacksmith 1: "Asher, pay attention!"

-The camera then moves to a stand where a man with a staff (Braxton) is seen talking to the woman at the stand-

Braxton: "Yes, good day. I was wondering if you had a good buffer for the resin in my staff. It's been looking a little dull lately."

Random Lady: "Oh, we have just the thing!"

-The camera moves to the clinic-

Random Paitent: "(coughs) Thank you doc!"

Doctor: "Take care now. Be sure to rest up. (closes door)

-The camera focuses on a man walking under a bridge, and the man meets up with two shady people-

Shady Man 1: "Were you followed?"

Shady Man 2: "Of course not."

Shady Man 1: "Well, here are the goods. Look for yourself."

Shady Man 2: "Perfect. (opens chest) This is exactly what I ordered."

Shady Man 1: "Only the finest, as promised."

Shady Man 2: "With quality like this, you never fail to disappoint my friend."

-The camera continues to focus on Estorra, until we are rudely interrupted by two girls (Aphmau and Rune) chasing each other. They chase each other into the forest, until the green-haired girl stops in front of a tree and takes a deep breath-

Aphmau: "It's the end of the road for you!"

Rune: "Boy, it's a lovely day, right? My name's Rune, and you are?"

Aphmau: "Your worst-"

Rune: You better not be saying your worst nightmare. I swear, that's what every roleplayer says when they try to catch a thief."

Aphmau: "Uh-aw man! (clears throat) Well, I wasn't going to say that! I was going to say I'm... tired of running."

Rune: "Touche."

Aphmau: "Hehe thanks! I just came up with it! (clears throat) Now, give it back!"

Rune: "Give what back? I don't know what you're talking about."

Aphmau: "Uh-huh. Then why were you running away from me this whole time?"

Rune: "No, you mean this wasn't a friendly race?"

Aphmau: "Ugh, I hate running!"

Rune: "That's too bad, because you've got a real knack for it."

Aphmau: "Huh? Oh thank you (giggles). I try to keep in sha- Hey! (Clears throat) Don't even try it. I'm going to finish this quest. Now, return what you stole!"

Rune: "What, never! Why don't you let me go? It's not like I stole anything from you. Besides I need it for my quest, I'm almost done too."

Aphmau: "That- that's crazy! (clears throat) That's crazy, why would there be a quest to steal from an EVI?"

Rune: "It is not! I have to do it if I want to join the Rouge's Charter!"

-Rune turns towards the camera with stars in her eyes and says dreamily:-

Rune: "The Rouge's Charter."

Aphmmau: "Uhh, hello? The package, hand it over!"

Rune: "I am not giving this back."

Aphmau: "Suit yourself. Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way."

-Aphmau pulls out her sword while Rune does the same with her two daggers-

Rune: "Fine by me. Don't take it personally when I whoop your-" 

-The camera switches to Aphmau where several pig like creatures start to creep up behind her-

Rune: "Oh, scrunchmabunch."

Aphmau: "Ohh, I'm sorry, is that short for 'I give up'? (Laughs) Huh? What are you looking at?"

-Aphmau turns to face the pig like creatures as they squeal-

Aphmau: "Ohhh, I see..."

-Aphmau takes a deep breath as she slowly backs towards Rune-

Apmau: "Why didn't you say anything aabout being surounded by fiends!?"

Rune: "I did! Didn't you hear me? I said-"

Aphmau: "You said  'scrunchmabunch.' Those aren't even words! It could have meant literally anything! I'm not a mind reader!"

Rune: "Okay, okay, it just doesn't takes a mind reader to know what I'm thinking now!"

Aphmau: "Ohh, okay so you're all for me throwing you at the fiends while I make an escape!"

Rune: "Hey!" 

Aphmau: "(giggles) Don't worry, I'm not that much of a jerk! I've got just the thing for this."

-Aphmau pulls out a wooden staff with a ruby at the end-

Rune: "Oooh, you're a cavalier!?"

Aphmau: "I've been waiting to use this spell on monsters. Been practicing it all morning. Take this! Ha!"

-A ring of small fire balls flies over the fiends and hits a tree-

Rune:  "I think you need to keep practicing."

I'm afriad that's all I can do right now! I probably can finish this tommorow! Can somebody try to add some more? Thanks!

-Aphmau4Lyfe (and ThePhoenixGhirl)