What is this?

This is the explanations and reasons why MCD can be a good thing you can do in your life. Yes, i know Aphmau/ Jess made it based on like medieval times and fantasy but we'll just maybe do MyStreet or maybe the modern things about MCD. MCD can be filled with drama and is only for fun but maybe there is a secret meaning in the fun adventurerous stories.


One of the reasons are that MCD tells you that you have to be brave somehow. I just can feel it.

Friendship: It tells you that friendship is very important and that giving up on a friends is very very bad thing to do.

respecting others: It is very important to respect others (ie. Nekoette~Tan gave "mr." an apple for saving Nekoette~Tan)

Love: Especially in Season 2, it's taught me you should love others (like how Aphmau finally allowed herself to love Garroth and Laurance )

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