In Minecraft Diaries, there are different parts of the world they call regions. Apparently different regions have different characteristics. Sasha said that the Divine Warriors are worshiped in the regions of the world they protected, which would mean the region that most of the story takes place in was the one protected by Lady Irene the Matron . In recent episodes, it has been revealed that Aphmau and her friends had been blown off course from the Gal'ruk Sea.Therefore, we can assume the ocean that Aphmau has sailed in so many times is called that. Heres a table for you, there will be more added when more comes up.

Below: The name of region, the people there, characteristics, and divine warrior.

Werewolves / Lu'pine tribes,
The god in this region is Irene.
Khajiit / Meif'wa tribes,

Unknown what god/godess is worshipped.

The god in this region is Enki.

Maps / Gallery

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