Irene's Relic, now residing within Aphmau.

Biography of the Relics

These are some of the magick relics we can find throughout Diaries, season 1 and season 2. Their information, appearance, and how they worked. How a relic takes a host is if they find someone of like-personality or with the same bloodline as the person who originally had the relic. Hence why Shad's relic wanted to go to Aphmau even though she already has one; the baby in her at the time is one of Shad's bloodline. According to Aphmau herself as soon as Alenia was born the relic bonded to her.

Alexis's Necklace

There was a big baby shower going on at Kiki's barn (season one) and Zane came in to give Alexis a present. A necklace. Later in the story, Zane used the necklace to transform baby Alexis into an adult Shadow Knight. She then attacked Aphmau, until Molly came along looking for Alexis. Alexis simply said "Mama" and passed out. She was in a sort of coma-like state until Aphmau made the Irene Statue. Then she started to slowly turn back into her own age and eventually woke up.



After Zane gave Alexis the pendant, he used it as some kind of charm to transform baby Alexis into an adult Shadow Knight. She then had started attacking Aphmau, until Molly, came along looking for her. Alexis had simply said, "Mama." and passed out. She was thrown into a coma-like state, sometimes muttering words like, "Mama." Later on, when Aphmau made the Irene Statue, the curse on her was released and she slowly turned back into her own age and eventually woke up with the help of Lucinda . It did not seem to effect her after that.

Kiki's Pendant

How it was first introduced

After Zane had left, Kiki started to feel very sick and tired. She said Zane had given her a pendent while he was there. Boldof was also very ill and needed Kiki to come to the werewolf tribe and help him. Kiki asked Aphmau to go with her and carry her in a lasso, as she did not have the strength to make the trip herself. Once there, Aphmau asked about the pendent and werewolves said that it was an old pendent that was used to make babies. All you have to do is prick a male's finger and a female's finger on the pendent. Aphmau asked Kiki if she had pricked her finger on it and she said that she had. Later in the series, a baby (to later be named Leona) was born from the pendant.

Baby from the Pendant Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

Baby from the Pendant Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.89 Roleplay Adventure


The Pendant, known as the, "Birth Pendant." Is a relic from an old tribe known as the Zonaralian tribe. An ancient Zonaralian relic, it has the power of birthing children. Long ago, the Zonaralian was a tribe that consisted of only woman. There is not much else known except that when Kiva spoke of the Relic, she noted that her ancestors that speak of the tribe. The relic was the most prominent of all those drawings and is a catalyst for Zonaralian babies.


Aaron's Amulet


Jacob, Aaron's son

How it was first introduced

Not much is known about this relic, seeing as Aaron doesn't like to talk about it. All we know is that Zane gave Aaron's son, Jacob, the amulet. Jacob ran up to show his father. Aaron took it and scolded him. But when Aaron touched it, it activated, causing Jacob and Lily to perish, along with everyone else in the village.


Combining Relics

Kiki's pendent and Alexis's necklace were later combined together. They were in the same room and then they suddenly started floating towards one another and combined to form one large relic. That relic along with another was used by Zane to open the portal to The Irene Dimension. 

Zane's Pendent

How it was first introduced

Oliver told Aphmau and her guards that he was once in a village when two boys found strange pendants. He explained that they cursed the boys turning one slowly to stone and the other into a pig every time he ate. Oliver also said the pendents fused into one and were stolen from the lord's vault (assumably by Zane). Another relic very much fitting this pendents description was used by Zane along with the pendant made from Kiki and Alexis' necklaces to open a portal to the Irene Dimension.

Irene's Relic

Aphmau absorbing Irene's Relic

Irene's Relic in front of Aphmau

How it was first introduced

After traveling into the Irene dimension, Zane tried to grab Irene's Relic. However, before he could even touch it, it teleported to Aphmau and she absorbed it. It's full powers are still unknown. Though, it is the reason for Aphmau's healing powers. It absorbed into her, because of Aphmau being Lady Irene.


Irene's Relic appears to be different shades of gold, brown, white, and yellow. In the center of the relic appears to be a ruby, The shape looks like that of a flame. The item used as the relic is Nitor from Thaumcraft


Not much is known about how Irene's Relic works, except that it could give you enormous amounts of power, according to Zane. The relic is the source of Aphmau's newfound powers, such as healing and the transformation into the Angel Irene.

Ro'Meave Relic

How it was first introduced

In the episode "Spying on Ivy", Season 2, episode 89, Ivy mentions to a researcher the "Ro'Meave relic". Also, fans believe the relic which appears in the beginning of the episode, which forms when Aaron uses a relic against Zane to kill both of them, to be the Ro'Meave Relic.


It is believed (but not certain) that the "Ro'Meave relic" is the relic which

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.00.27 PM

What is believed by fans to be the Ro'Meave relic, as seen in "Spying on Ivy"

is shown at the beginning of the episode "Spying on Ivy", which is in the shape of a blue flame with a green triangle in the middle.


Nothing is known yet about the effects of the Ro'Meave relic.

When it was with Garroth, it had shown properties of being able to transform into a being with more power, with a blue and orange armour.