Minecraft Diaries: Rise of Phoenix Drop

Aphmau has 100 episodes on her diaries "S1" series.This series is about how Aphmau keeps trying to stop Zane from over running her village, pheonix drop. Aphmau has 3 guards named Garroth, Laurence,and Dante. Dante is currently in training to be a guard. In episode 80 to 90 Zane gave Kiki a pendant that held a child in it. When Kiki has that pendent there is good news in the village. The good news is that Molly and Dale had a new baby girl named Alexis. Zane gave Alexis this necklace that turned her into an evil adult. Aphmau tries to stop her and wins, but Lucinda needs to make a potion to get her back to normal. Lord Aphmau has 2 sons named Malachi and Levin.the pendent Zane gave to Kiki gives birth to a baby girl named Leona, but when Dante and Aphmau give the pendent to Zoey and are asking questions the necklace Alexis had floats to the pendent and they become one. In episode 90 the whole village gets together in the guard thing and start talking about the pendant....IN SHORT THIS IS SO HARD TO SUMMARIZE BECAUSE IT HAS SO MUCH IMPORTANT LITTLE DETAILS BUT IT WOULD TAKE AN HOUR OR MORE TO WRITE DOWN BUT THIS IS AN AMAZING SERIES.

Minecraft Isles

Aphmau gets together with all her friends and makes a series called the Isles. This series is about how Aphmau gets 6 children and meets with friends to conquer skull island. What will happen next? his series is 5 episodes long so far. This series had been shut down and cancelled due to scheduales, so voice acting couldn't be done.

Hide and Seek

Aphmau's Hide-and-Seek series includes SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam), ThatGuyBarney (Barney), House_Owner (Ross), and JinbopGaming (Jin). Their usual maps change in theme. Aphmau's husband, Jason, makes all the maps for them. Aphmau knows all the good spots to hide and wins most of the time. In the Five Nights at Freddie's map, Jason put Five Nights of Freddie's statues in there and they mostly scare Sky, Jin, Ross, and Barney.

Mod Mod World

In this series she has about 250 mods and has lots of adventures and some little disasters. One time a giant pig crushed her house and the whole town. She also went to the Candy Isle and got swallowed by a big candy slime. She also has a little dog issue and had to round up all the dogs and give them to the villagers so they did not go to the dog shelter, where they would have been killed.

Let's see what her adventures await her... See you next time ladies and gentlemen.