The Big Move 5
Episode 5
Post Date

November 21st, 2015



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
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"The Date"

"The New House"

"Roomates" is the 5th and final episode of "The Big Move" side story. It premiered on November 21st, 2015.


Aphmau and Aaron's date has ended, now what is Aphmau to do but return to her empty apartment. Hm...

Episode Overview




  • The title is misspelled as it needs another "m" to be spelled Roommates.
  • The length of this episode is thirteen minutes and twenty-seven seconds.
  • This is the only Big Move episode to not feature Aaron.
  • Laurance and Dante literally nuked the fourth wall in this episode by describing events that happened in Diaries and referring to their world as an "alternate universe".


Roomates Minecraft Side Stories The Big Move FINALE Ep13:28

Roomates Minecraft Side Stories The Big Move FINALE Ep.5 Minecraft Roleplay-0

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