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Ross is seen at the end of episode one with dramatic music in his office with chickens surrounding him. He is then seen again in episode two, after leaving the police station bumping into Aphmau on his way out after mocking each other for a moment, Ross then leaves in a huff with his chicken secretary, Cluckerina. Ross lastly seen in episode three and the series finale in court and is almost winning the case until Barney, Aphmau's friend, gave evidence that the defendant, Castor, is not the murderer to the victim, but he was too busy making out with Cluckerina in front of KFC, defeating Ross.


Ross is an grey, derpy narwhal with a light grey streak going up from his stomach that ends at his mouth and with a little horn. He has wall-eyes. Ross also wears an red suit with white ruffles around his neck and has a black under shirt. He also shows that he has "Sassy Leg Hair".


Ross is shown to be cocky and a little bit full of himself. He is also slightly rude to Aphmau due to being rival's towards one another. But when in defeat he is more in silence and will agree with the person that had bested him. He also has shown an obsession with chickens. This is proved by his partner Cluckerina, which is a chicken.


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