Ru'aun Region Map

The map of the Ru'aun region.

The Ru'aun Region is a region in Minecraft Diaries and home to Lady Irene. The region is home to many villages and city-states.


The region, along with the others, was engaged in a war with the Shadow Knights that lasted for centuries which was known as The War of the Magi. After the Divine Warriors were involved the human kingdoms managed to drive the remaining forces out of the Over world.

Years after that the Ru'aun monarch grew corrupt. Lady Irene was against the King's oppressive regime. The Ru'aun Empire entered into conflict with the Wyverns. After years of fighting, Lady Irene united the two sides to overthrow the king. It was successful, the Ru'aun Empire was dissolved into hundreds of villages and city-states with the former capital, O'khasis, being independent.

900 years later, O'Khasis became increasingly aggressive to it's former territory and even plotted to take it back. The Lord of O'khasis arranged a wedding for his son to marry the Lord of Scaleswind's daughter. Both of them faked their deaths, which resulted in the start of the O'khasis-Scaleswind war.

Both went into hiding in the village of Phoenix Drop, which was under the new leadership of Lord Aphmau. Months later, O'Khasis started to become hostile in most of the Ru'aun Empire's old territory, occupying the villages and kidnapping the Lords. O'khasis later withdrew their forces from the villages.

O'Khasis then convinced Scaleswind to invade Meteli and Phoenix Drop, initiating the Battle of Phoenix Drop, resulting in an alliance victory.

15 years later O'Khasis has been invaded by the Tu'la Empire. As explained by a Nahakra Village guard, they proceeded to kill every O'khasian guard in sight. If O'khasis is taken down, it won't mean well for the rest of the region.


Former Nations

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