Sacred Forest S2E93


The Sacred Forest, not to be confused with The Yggdrasil Forest, is a forest protected by Hyria. It was planted by Hyria and Lady Irene nearly 900 years before the events of Minecraft Diaries began. It is noted that, though it is called the Sacred Forest, it is not composed of Sacred Trees, like the Yggdrasil Forest is, and actually features really large oak trees. Hyria protected the forest by transforming it into a maze, so that those who entered the forest had to know a secret route in order to pass through the center of it. The Stranger, better known as Aaron, was able to locate a clearing in the forest, but was unable to navigate them all the way through. Chad mentioned that there was a lake somewhere in the forest as well, and he also mentioned that navigating the labyrinthian maze of the Sacred Forest could be done using a combination of going forwards, backwards, left and right in a complex pattern. He was experimenting in the many places you could end up using these four directions when he and Aphmau stumbled upon Hyria's home. It is unknown whether Aphmau's powers might have helped them locate Hyria or if it was just pure luck on their part.

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