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General Information
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
  • Aphmau
  • Dom




Production Information
Original Run

September 20, 2015 - October 5, 2015

Running Time

11–19 minutes per episode



Sassy Lawyer Chronicles is a short comedy series created by Jess. It ran from Sep. 20th, 2015 to Oct. 5th, 2015.

The Story

The Sassy Lawyer Chronicles is a humorous roleplay by Aphmau. It's a main story focuses on Aphmau, a Sassy Lawyer fresh out of Sassy Lawyer school. Her signature trademark is her incredibly sassy hair flip. Her and her shy intern secretary, named Jenna, help people with court cases using sassiness as their "Main Weapon" sort-to-speak.

Episode 1

In the first episode of Sassy Lawyers ("Midnight VS Twilight") Aphmau must defend book publisher Kuki against a copyright claim to her books in the "Midnight" series against the "Twilight" series. Aphmau argues that the titles and characters of the books are completely different as well as the fact the you can laugh at Midnight and not Twilight and somehow ends up winning. We still don't know how she won, but she did it.

Episode 2

In episode 2 ("Sassy Murder Case") Aphmau finds out she is defending a murder case. She goes to the local jail to talk with the murderer, which so happens to be The Chicken Shaman (a character from Minecraft Diaries) and has a run-in with her old partner from Sassy Lawyer school, Ross.

After throwing around a few insults, they reveal that they use to be friends and are not anymore. Aphmau also finds out that Ross is the prosecutor for the case. Aphmau then seeks out the murderer and even though he is crazy, she somehow comes up with a case to backup the Chicken Shaman.

Season Finale

In the season finale ("Sassy Chickens") Aphmau entrusts Barney (a close friend) with gathering evidence for the case, but he never gets the evidence forcing Aphmau to wing it, that is until she finds pictured evidence in the bucket of goats milk Barney gave to her and ends up winning.

Character List

A list of all the characters in the Sassy Lawyer Roleplay series, including more minor characters that don't have pages.

  • Aphmau (Sassy Lawyer)
  • Ross (Lawyer, Aphmau's Rival)
  • Castor the Chicken Shaman (Accused Murderer)
  • Jenna (Intern Secretary)
  • Hisashi (Aphmau's Boss)
  • Logical Thinking Lawyer Jon (Lawyer)
  • Kuki (Publisher of the book ''Midnight'')
  • Sepanny Mayo (Writer of the book ''Midnight'')
  • Barney (Aphmau's Friend, Actor)
  • Unnamed Judge (Judge)


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Midnight VS Twilight - Sassy Lawyer Chronicles -Ep19:16

Midnight VS Twilight - Sassy Lawyer Chronicles -Ep.1 Minecraft Roleplay-

Sassy Murder Case - Sassy Lawyer Chronicles -Ep18:22

Sassy Murder Case - Sassy Lawyer Chronicles -Ep.2 Minecraft Roleplay-

Sassy Chickens - Season Finale - Sassy Lawyer Chronicles -Ep11:45

Sassy Chickens - Season Finale - Sassy Lawyer Chronicles -Ep.3 Minecraft Roleplay-

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