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This is a joke page! Almost nothing said on this page should be taken seriously.

 Sassy Princess Travis is crowned the sass princess of MyStreet. 


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SASSY PRINCESS TRAVIS IS PRETTY AND BOOTIFUL AND SASSAY. Some say he- er- "she" was role played by Travis (MyStreet) , but others believe she comes from a mystical land called Travista which is full of bootiful Sassy Travises but Sassy Princess Travis is the princess who is even bootifuler and amazinger. He- no, wait- "SHE" comes to the land of MyStreet for Abby's tea party and plays date with Aphmau because Abby told them to.Then Abby marries them because they are a destined couple.


BOOTIFUL WITH A PINK DRESS AND PRETTY GOLDEN CROWN! Looks like Travis. But she is not! (If this were to be an actual appearance, it would be something like the following.)

Sassy Princess Travis has a blindingly shiny, elegant golden crown with a darker golden rim, snow white hair and green eyes. Her dress has what seems to be intricately laced sleeves colored a light pink and magenta, with a light blue-ish colour trim at the bottom. The bodice is similar, with a light blue-ish violet color and trim at the bottom also. The skirt is pink with a darker shade of it, with a light blue-ish violet trim at the bottom again.


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100% perfect and bootiful if that was a personality trait! Oh wait- well now it is! So he is bootiful.


  • Travista has won 50 consecutive Beauty Pageants againsts aliens, making her Queen of the Solar System.
  • All who denies her power must be shipped to the basic farms of Phoenix Drop. 
  • Abby was jealous of Travista's rolayness, thus wanting to wed her to Aphmau, so Abby could be the next on throne. 
  • She once donated 500k to the needy and gave Katelyn advice on makeup. 
  • Travista's clothing are made from easily recycled fabrics #EcoQueen. Bow down to your highness.
  • All must bow down to her highness, as her power makes it impossible not to.