City-State of Scaleswind
Some attributes
First Formation: 120 BI
Second Government: Monarch-style Lorddom
Third Unknown
Other attributes

 The City-State of Scaleswind is a political, military and economical powerful City-State in the Ru'aun Region. Scaleswind is a major trading partner with many villages and is known for it's massive production of goods and high quality of life. Scaleswind is home to Lady Irene.


Scaleswind is a city-state of which Nicole is the daughter of it's Lord. Nicole and Garroth were going to get in an arranged marriage because of a treaty that was signed to stop a war between O'khasis and Scaleswind, but Garroth faked his death and hid in Phoenix Drop as a guard which was part of the reason why he very rarely took off his helmet. Nicole also faked her death by buying an expensive illusion potion. She made it so everyone saw an a O'khasis guard stab her and throw her into a river so they presumed her dead. Scaleswind has an extremely prominent role in the series as Nicole is from it.

We first see Scaleswind in E36, S1 when Aphmau is looking for Levin's mom, Matilda. She finds her being kept in a prison under one of the buildings.

Scaleswind went to war with Phoenix Drop since Zane told them they had "stolen Nicole" but in reality she had chosen to live in the village a long time ago. No one in the village knew she was the daughter of the Lord of Scaleswind. They sent out search parties to find her, but they couldn't as Brian, a spy living in Phoenix Drop, had put her in an unknown prison under the old Lord of Phoenix Drop's house. They had one battle, which was in S1, Episode 99. The battle ended when Nicole was found by Emmalyn and Kenmur. She punched her father in the face and the war ended.

After 15 years, in Season 2, Nicole has become Lord of Scaleswind. In the future when her son Dmitri is of age Nicole will step down from her position, and he will become the new Lord.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Scaleswind is technically landlocked because of it being surrounded by mountains, dispite this there is a small river (big enough to fit a boat) that leads to the coastline of Phoenix Drop
  • Nicole has mentioned that Scaleswind is an overpopulated place, with her accepting refugees from O'khasis and the Tu'la.


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