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Shad Minecraft Diaries

Shad the Destroyer

  • Divine God (Formerly)
  • Shadow Knight

Demonic Broadsword





Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Shadow Knights
  • Nether
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Falcon Claw
Previous Team

Divine Warriors

Previous Partner

Lady Irene

Personal Status
First Appearance

"The Angel Irene" (Flashback)

Shad is a former member of the Divine Warriors and the main antagonist of Minecraft Diaries Season 3.


Shad's life is a complicated one, he is supposed to represent evil and darkness, but he loved Lady Irene, a daughter of light. They first met when Irene was informed of a "monster" attacking a village, finding Shad. They met a second time with Irene healing a wound on Shad, with her fainting from exhaustion. After he was declared a Divine Warrior and was given the title "The Destroyer", he was unable to handle a burden Irene did not mention to him and became corrupt.

It is stated by Hyria that Lady Irene sealed Shad into multiple realms to keep him away from her but always ended up returning, until the final battle. The Divine Warriors sealed Shad into the nether and was not seen until now as he has taken refuge in Aaron's body.

He now takes on a more major role in Season 3 as he is now the main antagonist of the series. After seeing Lady Irene/Aphmau in the Nether looking for answers from Zane, he chased after her and demanded Alina, claiming her to be their daughter. He also sent Gene to kill Zane for stealing the fragment.

With Gene choosing to spend his time in the Overworld to torture his brother rather than fulfill his mission, Shad sentenced him to the "torture chamber", deciding to enter the Overworld himself. He sensed his relic was being protected by magic and was able to sense Aphmau in Skystead, where he found her spying on Hailey. They engaged in a sword fight with Aphmau leading him away from Hailey.

To convince her to bring him to Alina, he mimicked Aaron's voice. She was easily deceived into thinking she was talking to Aaron, but he made a fatal mistake. Since he still didn't know Aphmau's name, he referred to her as Irene, which Aaron never figured out. Shad was about to finish her, but suddenly froze in place. Without the fragment, Aaron started to slowly gain back control of his body, telling Aphmau to run.

Back in the Nether, a Shadow Knight came up to Shad, asking him what's wrong with his voice, which was starting to sound more like Aaron. Shad then started to inforce finding Zane, for he still has the fragment.


Shad seems to have messy black hair matching with his black eyes. He seems to be wearing a white coat with a hunting suit, he also has gloves and his main weapon is a demonic broadsword with his relic. He seems to follow almost all of Aaron's characteristics.


Shad seems to have had a romantic interest in Irene. He later claimed he hated Aphmau because of the relic she (Irene) gave him, wanting to take away everything she cared for and watch her suffer. He is a controlling, angry Shadow Knight. Yet he wasn't always like this, he used to be Irene's most trusted friend, to the point where she would trust him with her life.

He does not take failure so easily, especially towards his Shadow Knights. When Gene decided to toy with his brother instead of finding Zane, Shad tossed him into a wall and sent him to the torture chamber. He was also disappointed that he didn't even kill Dante.


Irene and Shad

Shad image gallery


  • The name Shad is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Shad is "Biblical Shadrach"; one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace. This may be a reference to why Shad is the Shadow Lord in the nether.

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