Shadow Knights
Shadow Knights
Professional Status

Phoenix Drop High

Base of Operations



Active (Phoenix Drop High) Inactive (MyStreet)

  • Gene (Former)
  • Zenix (Current)
  • Sasha
  • Zenix
Former Members
  • Gene
  • Laurance
First Appearance

"Weekend Friends!"

The  SHADOW NIGHTS is a group of students from Phoenix Drop High, which are compromised of upperclassmen students: Gene, Sasha and Zenix. 

According to Laurance, a former member,think they are a bad influence.

After Gene's departure due to heading to college, Zenix took the mantle as the leader of the group.


Former Members

  • Laurance (Joined during freshman year, left after)
  • Zane (Joined following Gene's departure to college, left after)
  • Gene (Former Leader)


In "Shadow Knights Rule!", Aphmau eavesdropped during a conversation about Aaron. As Aphmau was about to pass by, Gene stopped her from going to her class. He explained that she shouldn't trust the words of Laurance and give their group a chance. However, Teony finds their group and asks all of them to return to class. 

In "Blackmailed", Gene blackmails Aphmau into conversing with the group. The two then meetup later to see Gene's mother, who does not approve of his behavior and friend choices. 

In "Skipping School", Gene hopes for Aphmau to join the group but on her own terms. At the park, Aphmau vandalizes a bridge nearby with the Shadow Knights emblem. 

In "Fight or Flight", Aphmau stands up for herself and no longer wants to be blackmailed. This causes Gene to stop his pestering. At a corner, Gene is with Sasha and Zenix when Aaron runs by and destroys the photo of Aphmau and Garroth kissing. 

Following Zenix and Sasha's graduation, the group became inactive. However, after reuniting and living in the same area, the group was revived, but dropped their mischievous and delinquent attitudes.

After Aphmau and Garroth helped Gene with purchasing a house, Gene revealed to them of Sasha and Zenix joining him as his roommates.


Their Emblem contains the letters SK with a red and purple outline and a dark purple circle enclosing it. The outer ring has a pink skull with violet inside that hangs on the lower left. The group often deface surfaces such as walls, bridges and areas where no one visits.