What is Shipping?

As most of us know there is a lot of Shipping going around and as most of us know Aphmau did a video on this in her "Aphmau vlogging" channel. If you don't know what a ship is it is taking one character and putting them together with another character but remember this doesn't have to necessarily be characters it can also be people but anyway one example of a ship is a ship I never thought of, Elsa and Jack frost. Making there ship into Jelsa. Get it, don't get it, maybe one of the people in the comments can help you.


#Garmau (Garroth and aphmau)

Garmau goes way back for us shipping fans and I mean way back. (more info on him in the Character page) With Garroth you always knew if he had a crush on Aphmau because Laurence wanted him to tell her but there's always the shy one I guess and it had to be Garroth. Garroth apparently liked Aphmau ever since he found out she was a good person in Season 1 or Season 2 of Minecraft diaries. Garroth has been through a lot with Aphmau in MCD from the time he took off his helmet to the times Aphmau needed help but what I think really made this ship Sail was Season 1 episode 81 "Falling Angel." What happen was Aphmau was trying to finish building the boys giant tree house where she slipped and fell from the giant tree where Garroth caught her. I know that this moment right here made the ship Sail so smoothly.


#Laurmau (Laurance and aphmau)

Does anyone else remember the first time we met Laurence. I think almost everyone knew that This ship was going to ruin Garroth's chances with Aphmau, but when We saw another side of him becoming a Shadow knight. We knew he was gonna be one heck of a Character. Laurence personality is a real Lovable one, He can be a Hot head at times but when it comes to Aphmau he's ready to fight for his Love and I know what some of you are thinking all Laurence wants is to be noticed and Loved by his Senpai Aphmau but when you'r Laurence and you try to do those little love tricks of his, Well guys you will be slapped by girls and punched and kicked and a lot more. Anyway What I think really made this ship sail was back in Season 1 or Season 2 episode 40 where Laurence decided to stay behind in the Shadow knight dimension while Aphmau and Castor (info on page about him) escape. (Sound familiar) But not just that also when Laurence came back and was blind in Season 1 or 2 episode 53, It was a lot of feelings in that episode, we just felt so sorry for him but also What made everyone start Fangirlng was Cadenza (info on page about her) Changing is hair. Trust me everyone was. So as you can see Laurence has had the most craziest moments with Aphmau and I think that this is one Ship that will sail smoothly.

Old Laurence
New Laurance

#Aarmau (Aaron and aphmau)

When this ship did begin it was in his ship took off in season 2 episode 14, called "Trust Earned". Aaron explains more about himself, showing his face, talking about Lily (and maybe Jacob). Then Aaron reveals his face showing Aphmau. This ship is mostly known in Mystreet now since they're dating! Aaron asked Aphmau to be his girlfriend in episode 33 of Mystreet. Sadly, Aaron died in Episode 81 S2 of Minecraft Diaries. Many people still continue to ship it though. They also Had a Daughter named Alina and adoptive Daughter Named Lilith Garnet.


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