South Eastern Wolf Tribe
The Castle of The South Eastern Wolf Tribe.
Some attributes
First Formation: Unknown
Second Government: Monarchy
Third Current Head of State: Fenrir
Other attributes
The South Eastern Wolf Tribe is one of the many villages/city-states/tribes of the Ru'aun Region. Their monarchist government is seen as old-fashioned by many of the other villages. Their previous unnamed King (South Eastern Wolf Tribe King) had been killed by Laurance after they forced him to watch as Aphmau was forcefully married to Fenrir, the King's son. This had been done to fulfill a prophecy, and had provoked Laurance to take his Shadow Knight form and enter a frenzy mode. Afterwards, Queen Ylva helps them to escape from the wrath of Fenrir, their newly crowned King. The members of the tribe are currently on the hunt for Aphmau and her group, as ordered by Fenrir. Despite Aphmau not having any part of the king's death and actually saving Fenrir from Laurance, she is set as the main target with the werewolves told to kill anyone with her scent. With rumors of Aphmau being Irene, this does not change their motives.


South Eastern Wolf Tribe King (Deceased)

Queen Ylva

Fenrir (Current King)

Mino (King's Aid)

Blaze (General)