South Eastern Wolf Tribe King


The South Eastern Wolf Tribe king is well...the King of the South Eastern Wolf Tribe King. We are yet to know his real name. He is the husband of Queen Ylva and father of Fenrir. He is a man who used to be kind but as a war started with the Southern Wolf Tribe he became a Tyrant and corrupt. He forced his son, Fenrir, to marry a Meif'wa of desirable traits to fulfill a prophetic vision that in order for the kingdom to prosper, a child born of both Meif'wa and Lu'pine blood must be the next heir to the throne. It is revealed through Ylva, that he and Ylva were too forced to marry but eventually found love. He died in season 2 episode 20 after falling from a cliff after being forced by Laurance in his Shadow Knight form. In one the following episodes, Leona tells Aphmau that King Fenrir is looking for the Meif'was Katelyn, Laurence and Aphma after his father's death even though both Aphmau and Katelyn did nothing.


He has dark brown hair and beard and blue eyes. His crown is gold and dark blue, his nose (as you can see) is somewhat large. He wears silver and gold chainmail armor with red gloves and highlights.


Fenrir and Ylva have both said that the Werewolf King used to be a kind and good person before the war started and the prophecy of the next heir where he became a power hungry, cruel, tyrant. Some say that King Garte and Queen Zianna's situations are related to each others. Even in death he is manipulative as he convinced Fenrir to carry on his tyrannical traits and seemingly declare war on Aphmau despite her saving his life.

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