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Season 2, Episode 94
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May 18th, 2016



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Jess and Jason/Dom

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Jess and Jason/Dom

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"Shadows of the Past"

"Spa Day" is the ninety-forth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on May 18th, 2016. It runs for 16 minutes and 50 seconds.


"Lucinda decides that Aphmau needs a little bit of TLC... and no NOT that kind of TLC, Travis."

Episode Overview

Aphmau meets up with Lucinda where Cadenza's, Emma and Cory's, Kawaii~Chan's and Emmalyn's houses used to be. They start talking about a spa day and how they all need to relax for a day. Aphmau, though isn't wanting to do so, afraid that something may go wrong, but Lucinda sweet talks Aphmau into doing the spa day. Aphmau brings up that Garroth, Laurance, and Dante are going to be coming as well, though they were not coming for the spa day. Lucinda doesn't like the idea but goes along with it when Aphmau says that Dante was going there to see Dmitri and Laurance and Garroth were going there to catch up.

Laurance and Garroth arrive. It is said by the boys that Dante had to get something to bring for Dmitri, so Aphmau goes with Laurance and Garroth to the island. When Aphmau arrives she meets Katelyn and Leona near the mountain. Katelyn then tells Aphmau that today is a day of relaxation and there is no need to worry. Vylad soon steps into the conversation by saying it was nice seeing Aphmau again. Vylad covers up that he was spying on Laurance, and says he was watching the village.

A time skip happens and it is soon night, and Lucinda, Aphmau, Katelyn, and Leona are at the hot spring. Lucinda gets in, Leona soon following. Aphmau and Katelyn deside to prank Lucinda and jump on her, getting Lucinda's hair wet. As the ladies swim around for a bit, Lucinda ask if there were any boys they were interested in. Leona hints that she may like Yip, even if they were two years apart. Lucinda then decides to pick on Aphmau, wanting Aph to give "Spicy" details on who she likes saying that kissing Garroth and Laurance did not count.

Aphmau then says that Katelyn should go, and Katelyn says that Travis was a thorn in her side, but was fun to punch. Katelyn then says that Vylad had comforting eyes, but she said that nothing else was going on between them. Then, it was Lucinda's turn. Lucinda says that Travis was cute, and Katelyn was upset about that for reasons that are unknown besides the fact that she thinks Travis is weird.

Lucinda then brings attention back to Aphmau, and Aphmau soon backs away and out of the hot spring, saying if that's what they were going to talk about she would leave. She then turns to see Garroth, Laurance, Dante, and Travis all spying on them. Aphmau yells, getting Lucinda and the girls' attention. Travis then yells "We've be spotted boys!" still standing there. Lucinda takes out her wand, and did a spell with unknown effects until Ep 95.


  • The thumbnail for this video features Lucinda, Aphmau and Katelyn.
  • Though it has been hinted in Leona's behavior to Yip, we find out that she may or may not have a crush on him.
  • Lucinda does indeed like Travis.
  • Katelyn finds Vylad's eye comforting. This may be because of the fact that Vylad's and Jeffory's eyes are almost the same shade of green, Vylad's being a little darker.
  • Even though Dante is married to Kawaii~Chan, he is still seen spying on the girls in this Episode (Along with Travis, Laurance and Garroth).


Spa Day - Minecraft Diaries -S2-16:51

Spa Day - Minecraft Diaries -S2- .94 Minecraft Roleplay-

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