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Michaela Laws

Sylvana is the mother of Aphmau.


Early Life

During her high school year, she and Eric had a close bond. At the time, both harbored romantic feelings for each other. We currently know nothing more about her, except for her being Aphmau's mother.

Although not much of her early life is known though she appears to be a single parent. This is supported by the Season 3 finale of MyStreet, in which she reveals that her husband had left her.

As a single parent, she didn't have much money, not being able to take her daughter to Starlight Wonderland or even afford swimming lessons for her.


She can be described as an overbearing and protective mother. She cares for her daughter Aphmau deeply and supported her during her one year absence from public school. Also, she despises when boys speak to Aphmau and vice versa. She would even go as far as evading her daughter's privacy by spying on her sleepovers and using her phone just to figure out if she's dating a boy.

Other than being a mother, she is influenced by her close friend, Zianna. The two easily get along and share a love for Beyoncé. She uses outdated slang and Beyoncé puns to the embarrassment of Aphmau. If one steals a Beyoncé pun from her, she would have a long-term hatred for that person.

She has a love for babies. If she is sees a baby, she'll stop whatever she's doing just to play with it. Even if just moments before, she was chewing out a boy who was "alone" with her daughter.

According to Zianna, she is said to be great at cooking, namely her famous quesadillas. She also has a tendency to make her dishes as spicy as possible during special occasions.

In Season 2, "A New Relationship!?", it is revealed that Eric and her are involved in a romantic relationship. In the same episode, she also expresses her wish for grand-babies, not knowing about Aaron and Aphmau dating.

In the next episode, Aphmau finally tells Sylvana about her and Aaron dating. This doesn't expel Sylvana's hatred towards Aaron, but instead increases it.

Sylvana is known to have an extreme hatred for Aaron due to the latter stealing a Beyoncé joke from her; her hatred is so extreme that she compares him to the Devil. It turns out that according to the Season 3 finale of MyStreet, she was afraid that Aaron would take Aphmau away from her and is jealous about that due to her losing her husband. She now no longer hates Aaron.


She has black hair and brown eyes. She wears a green long sleeved shirt, a black belt with a gold buckle, and purple skirt with black shoes.

In Season 2, her hair is more grayish, hinting that she is getting older.

Episode Appearances


  • The name Sylvana originates from Latin, meaning "From the Forest".
  • In "Weekend Friends!", she said that Garroth looked awfully familiar, this is a reference to the MyStreet arc, "Mama Ro'meave," where it is heavily implied that Aphmau, Garroth and his brothers were friends when they were little.
  • While initially many people thought Sylvana's name was spelt as 'Savannah', this was proven wrong in the voice actor description.[1]
  • She sometimes wishes that Aphmau was claustrophobic, so she wouldn't hide in closets.
  • Aphmau openly admits that she thinks Sylvana has a yelling problem.
  • Her name is revealed to be Sylvana by her close friend, Zianna.
  • Like Zianna, she is also a fan of Beyoncé.
  • Sylvana and her daughter Aphmau are Hispanic, or of Hispanic descent. This is proven as they speak Spanish fluently, and cook Hispanic dishes like quesadillas and salsa.
  • In "A New Relationship!?," it is revealed that Eric and Sylvana have gotten together.
  • She shares many physical and habits with her daughter, Aphmau.
    • One of the most common ones is talking to an object. Aphmau with her wolf plush and Sylvana with "Señor Ketchup".
  • It seems she has a fangirl crush on Shamar Moore of Criminal Minds, shown by her flirting with the poster of him.
  • She wields the mighty Chancla (Spanish for flip-flop).
    • This is shown in "Kai's Crush", in which she is first seen wielding it. Since that episode, everyone of Sylvana's appearances involves her pulling out THE CHANCLA![2]
    • This leads to a minor inconsistency, as during Love-Love Paradise and Lover's Lane, she doesn't use or even mentions the chancla, only ever being seen using it again during Episode 17 of Emerald Secret.
    • Aphmau also wields a chancla, but she uses it to a lesser extent.
  • Sylvana often jumps to conclusions and assumes that Aphmau is dating someone or doing something illegal.[3]
  • She doesn't like Aphmau dyeing her hair. She grounded her from the internet for a month after catching her in the act.
  • When she fist met Ein, she was ok with him being with Aphmau, admitting that she found werewolves cute. Ironically, she also hated Aaron at the time, who was secretly a werewolf.
    • It wasn't until the finale of Emerald Secret that Sylvana figured out from Aphmau that she and Aphmau were never dating, making her hate Ein as much as she hated Aaron.
  • Her voice actress, Michaela Laws, is known for voicing Ayano Aishi, the main protagonist in Yandere Simulator.
    • This was used as an Easter Egg in "Travis's Queen - Murder Minecraft", in which Sylvana calls back on her days in high school, having a senpai that other girls had a crush on. Back then, she went full yandere on the girls, but eventually confessed her love to her senpai.
    • If her flashback was indeed canon, this could be why her husband left her.


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