The Admirer
Laurance the admire
Season 1, Episode 26
Post Date

May 4th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"Water Cats"

"Roses Are Red"

"The Admirer" is the twenty-sixth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on May 4th, 2015. It runs for 12 minutes and 24 seconds.


"Things on cat-island aren't going so well since... well I arrived. This leads into another village that has some interesting characters."


Things aren't good on cat island. Then Aphmau goes to another village. She meets many people.


  • The thumbnail for this video features Laurance.
    • His name was originally 'Laurence', but was changed for an unknown reason.
  • This video is the first video with Laurance in it.


The Admirer Minecraft Diaries S1 Ep12:25

The Admirer Minecraft Diaries S1 Ep.26 Roleplay Survival Adventure!

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