This page contains majority of ships found in the shows: MyStreet, Phoenix Drop High, and Minecraft Diaries.

  1. Laurmau (Laurance X Aphmau)
  2. Garmau (Garroth X Aphmau)
  3. Aarmau (Aaron X Aphmau) [Canon in MyStreet]
  4. Zane~Chan/Zana (Zane and Kawaii~chan/Nana)
  5. Zanemau (mostly MyStreet) (Zane X Aphmau)
  6. Travlyn (Travis X Katelyn) (Semi-canon, they're in a romantic friendship)
  7. Garcinda (Garroth X Lucinda)
  8. Kimcinda (Kim X Lucinda)
  9. Lonna (Logan X Donna) [Canon in Minecraft Diaries]
  10. Celesmau (Celestia X Aphmau) [Crack ship]
  11. Chadmau (Chad X Aphmau) [Crack ship]
  12. Reese~Chan (MyStreet) (Reese X Kawaii~Chan) [no longer canon]
  13. Dante~Chan (Dante X Kawaii~Chan) [Canon in Minecraft Diaries]
  14. Dancole (Dante X Nicole) [Was Canon in both Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet but sunk in both series]
  15. Zichi (Zane X Michi)
  16. Kenmalyn (Kenmur X Emmalyn) [Canon in MyStreet, was canon in Minecraft Diaries but sunk]
  17. Kasha (Kenmur X Sasha) [Was Canon in Minecraft Diaries but sunk]
  18. Tablemau (Table X Aphmal) [Crack ship]
  19. Jeffmau (Jeffory X Aphmau)
  20. Brendmau (Brendan X Aphmau)
  21. Fenmau (Fenrir X Aphmau)
  22. Danmau (Dante X Aphmau)
  23. Thorgmau (Thorgi X Aphmau)
  24. Michimau/Michmau (Michi X Aphmau) [Crack ship]
  25. Dolly (Molly X Donna)
  26. Katelance (Katelyn X Laurance) [Friend Ship]
  27. Alexachi (Alexis X Malachi)
  28. Levxis (Alexis X Levin)
  29. Alexip/ Ylexis (Alexis X Yip)
  30. Yipona (Yip X Leona)
  31. Katcole (Katelyn X Nicole)
  32. Kikolf (Kiki X Bodolf)
  33. Travcinda (Travis X Lucinda)
  34. Jefflyn (Jeffory X Katelyn)
  35. Fenbby (Fenrir X Abby)
  36. Brendan~Chan (Kawaii~Chan X Brendan)
  37. Genemau (Gene X Aphmau) [No longer Canon]
  38. Zenmau (Zenix X Aphmau)
  39. Foodmau (Food X Aphmau) [Crack ship]
  40. Damien~Chan (MyStreet) (Kawaii~Chan X Damien) (Is no longer canon)
  41. Einmau (PDH) (Ein X Aphmau) [Sunk due to Ein]
  42. Kaimau (PDH) (Kai X Aphmau) [No longer canon]
  43. Garrance (Garroth x Laurance) [Crack/friendship ship]
  44. Vylance (MCD) (Laurance x Vylad)
  45. Katemau (Katelyn x Aphmau)
  46. Katelyn~Chan (Katelyn x Kawaii~Chan)
  47. Zene (Gene x Zane)
  48. Garrdenza (Garroth × Cadenza)
  49. Jylan (June x Rylan)
  50. Gar~Chan (Garroth X Kawaii~Chan) [Friendship]
  51. Kawaiimau/Aph~Chan (Aphmau x Kawaii~Chan)
  52. Blottie/Daze (Blaze X Dottie)
  53. Blaniel (Blaze x Daniel)
  54. Celeson (Celestia X Aaron) [Crack ship]
  55. Pusheenmau (Pusheen X Aphmau) [Jess approved of this]
  56. Reesemau (Reese X Aphmau)
  57. Melimau (Melissa X Aphmau)
  58. Garrissa (Garroth X Melissa)
  59. Melion (Melissa X Aaron) [Sibling Ship (not romantic.)]
  60. Jlaze/Bune (Blaze X June) [Friend Ship]
  61. Danielmau (Daniel X Aphmau) [Sibling 'ish' ship]
  62. Rymau (Rylan X Aphmau)
  63. Dottmau (Dottie X Aphmau)
  64. Kaceymau (Kacey X Aphmau)
  65. Graymau (Gray (Fullbuster) X Aphmau) [An anime / Aphmau ship]
  66. Lunarmau (Lunar X Aphmau)
  67. Ain (Ein x Aaron) [Crack ship]
  68. Ashmau (Asher x Aphmau)
  69. Sria (Simon x Pria)
  70. Ghane (Ghost x Zane) [Crack ship, heavily disapproved by Kawaii~Chan]
  71. Glaze (Garroth x Blaze) [metioned in hide and seek by aphmau]
  72. Tavincda (Tavari and Lucinda) [Mermaid Tales Ship]
  73. Danien (Daniel and Ein) [Crack ship]
  74. Blaze~Chan (Blaze and Kawaii~chan)
  75. Aarchi (Aaron X Michi) [Disliked by Aarmau shippers]
  76. Zarroth (Zane x Garroth) [Sibling Ship (not romantic.)]
  77. Nekomitri (Nekoette x Dmitri) [BFF/Sibling Ship]
  78. Garvy (Garroth x Ivy) [Mostly as a friendship]
  79. Sylack (Sylvanna X Zack) [Broken Ship as they divorced]
  80. Ericbeth (Eric X Elizabeth) [Broken Ship as they divorced]
  81. Erivanna (Eric X Sylvanna) [Cannon in Mystreet]
  82. Tevy (Teony X Ivy)
  83. Danttie (Daniel X Dottie) [Crush Ship]
  84. Travfist (Travis x Katelyn's fist) [Crack ship]
  85. Doorroth/Gardoor (Garroth x Doors) [Crack Ship]
  86. Wallron (Aaron x Walls) [Crack Ship]
  87. Gareep (Garroth Sheep x Garroth) [Crack Ship] {Angelsville Ship}
  88. Spurch (Spuce x Birch) [Angelsville Ship]
  89. Jesson (Jessica X Jason)
  90. Nashtin (Nashmeira X Justin) [Ultra Nova ship]
  91. Geshix (polyamorus ship between Gene, Zenix, and Sasha)
  92. Gim (Kim X Garroth)
  93. Laurble (Table x Laurance) [Crack Ship]

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