The Cool Guys
MyStreet 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Post Date November 29, 2015
Duration 13:08
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
Episode Guide
"Love Pizza"
"Frozen Outside"
"The Cool Guys" is the 3rd episode of MyStreet. It premiered on November 29th, 2015. 


"Laurance and Garroth decide to invite Aphmau over to their place, I wonder if their place is ready for her visit."


Panic at loose, Garroth and Laurance hustle all around the house, making sure Aphmau's visit goes smoothly. The two cooperate by discussing their plans for the night.

Dante enters the living room to see the two losing their heads as Aphmau's visit nears. Mocking them of their immaturity, Dante enjoys the moment, and in return Garroth angrily transforms into his Jury of Nine form from Minecraft Diaries Season 1. Dante reminds the two that he is faithful of Aphmau, causing Garroth and Laurance to own the challenge. 

Peaceful for a second, the doorbell is rung by Aphmau, causing a panic frenzy between Garroth and Laurance. At the door, Aphmau is welcomed by Laurance, and he nervously welcomes her in. Aphmau apologizes on her accusation on the guys' sudden move. Laurance forgives Aphmau, and the tour begins. 

Before starting their tour, Aphmau gives Laurance a cake as a welcoming present. Noticing the absences of Garroth and Dante, Aphmau asks Laurance on their current status, making Laurance panic. Laurance then runs off to the kitchen to catch his breath as Aphmau bumps into Garroth.

Aphmau and Garroth talk about Reese, leading Aphmau to tell him about the previous event involving the Reese and Kawaii~Chan incident in the episode before, "Love Pizza." Moving on, Garroth tours Aphmau around the house, showing her the various rooms they have. Nearing the end of the tour, Aphmau sees Laurance in the kitchen, who is still embarrassed from his encounter with Aphmau, and doesn't notice her right behind him.

In the backyard, Aphmau is impressed by the hot tub that the guys have. Speaking her interest in using the hot tub and wearing her new bathing suit she ordered, Garroth runs back inside blushing furiously, leaving Aphmau confused. Continuing her sentence, she is interrupted by Dante. 

Aphmau and Dante have a conversation on moving and how they've been. Aphmau mentions she like cute things, and then Dante says he has something cute to show her. Aphmau follows him to his room, and he shows her a picture of him when he was a baby, causing her to say Dante was cute and adorable. Hearing the loud laughter of them, Garroth breaks Dante's door, and he and Laurance barge in. Believing of something different, Aphmau is disappointed on their actions once more. She excuses herself to the bathroom, while the guys settle their argument, which is stopped as they hear Aphmau's misfortune of falling into the toilet. The three boys are seen laughing, and the episode ends.



  • Garroth freaks out in the beginning, and transforms into his Jury of Nine form from Minecraft Diaries Season 1 once more. The first time was in "The Date" in The Big Move mini-series that preceded MyStreet. It's the first time in MyStreet, but second overall. 
  • Dante recalls the events of Minecraft Diaries in which 15 years has passed in the time jump at the end of "The Amulet's Secret", Season 1's finale, but this probably was just Dante breaking the fourth wall.
  • Kawaii~Chan's favorite color is pink.  
  • Aphmau and Garroth speculate Kawaii~Chan likes Reese mainly because he is pink. 
  • According to Aphmau, the season is closing in to winter. The episodes take on winter and Christmas themes after this one. ("Frozen Fun Arc" and "Holiday Hijinks Arc") 
  • This marks the first time Garroth breaks down a door.
    • It later became a running gag in the Miseltoe two parter.


The Cool Guys - Minecraft MyStreet -Ep13:09

The Cool Guys - Minecraft MyStreet -Ep.3 Minecraft Roleplay-

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