The Decoration Fight
MyStreet 7
Season 1, Episode 7
Post Date December 11, 2015
Duration 17:58
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
Episode Guide
"Christmas Cat-Tastrophe"
"Mistletoe Wars PT.1"

"The Decoration Fight" is the 7th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on December 11th, 2015.


"Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn wake Aphmau up to tell her of their amazing plan for the day!"


Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan enthusiastically are standing by Aphmau's bed, waiting for her to wake up. Ecstatic and possible annoyed from waiting, Katelyn edges Aphmau to rise and then promptly destroys her bed. Finally awake, Aphmau is silent about decorating, concerning the girls.

Explaining her past, Aphmau speak upon her competitive personality and the tyranny she caused. Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan understands and encourages her to participate anyway. The girls then hustle down to the basement to retrieve some decoration.  At the basement, Aphmau finds Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan arguing over the theme of their decoration. As the two exchange insults, Aphmau comes in between to and stops the dispute. 

As a way to resolve the argumant, Aphmau suggest using a variety of decoration and is agreed upon. After grabbing some ornaments, they head back up to decorate the inside of their house. 

Aphmau begins decorating in the dining room, Katelyn fixes up the kitchen, and Kawaii~Chan decorates parts of the living room. After finishing their decorating inside, the girls head outside to beautify the outside of their house. 

Outside, Aphmau assigns jobs between the three of them: Kawaii~Chan decorates the upper part of their house, Katelyn at the lower part, and Aphmau decorates the fences.

Across the street, Garroth, Dante, and Laurance are seen decorating their home as well. Seeing the decoration, the guys insult the girls' decoration. The two groups have an altercation, causing them mock the other side's home. At the brink of the fight, Aphmau slanders the appearance of the wreathes, officially starting a war. Aphmau then maniacally laughs, having reach the deep end as the decorating contest has begun. 

From afar, Zane is strolling by each house, giving them a score. Nearing in, the girls and guys swiftly decorate the outside before his arrival. At the girls front yard, Zane rate their house 50/100, surprising Aphmau. At the guys house, Zane grades their house 30/100.

Zane proceeds to leave but is stopped by Aphmau. She asks Zane on the winner of the decorating contest and reveals that Aaron won by a score of 200/100. He commands the two groups to look over at Aaron's house to see a beautiful sight. Seeing Aaron's house, the two groups are left in silent. The night ends in tranquility.



  • Aaron does not make a physical appearance but his house and decoration instead. 
  • While decorating their home, Katelyn mentions that she and her brothers used to decorate whenever they could  and that they didn't have a lot. This implies that Katelyn came from a poverty-stricken home.
  • Kawaii~Chan is said to have no fear of heights because of her being half cat.
  • Garroth reveals that the wreathe that he has is his grandmother's.
  • Garroth calls grandmas, grandmamas
  • The clip used for Aaron's house is from a YouTube video titled "Amazing and Hilarious Christmas Light Show". It can be found here.
  • The video is 17 minutes and 59 seconds long


The Decoration Fight Minecraft MyStreet Ep17:59

The Decoration Fight Minecraft MyStreet Ep.7 Minecraft Roleplay


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