In S2, Episode 15 "Sasha's Rage" Sasha mentioned the relics and its importance to the humans and Shadow Knights, and then the episode where Katelyn gave the guards their divine swords, the relics of the Divine Warriors were mentioned. It is unknown which Relic belongs to which Divine, except Irene's relic from the Irene dimension. The whereabouts of the other Relics are unknown.

Irene's Mission

The Divine relics include:

Cerberus Staff

The Red Talisman

The Moonlight Ward

The Wyvern Lair Sword

Irene's relic (Nitor from Thaumcraft.)

In the thumbnail of Season 3 Episode 7, all 6 of the relics are shown. We now know which relic belongs to which Divine:

Upper Right: Enki the Keeper (Weilder: None)

Upper Middle: Irene the Matron (Wielder: Aphmau)

Upper Left: Menphia the Fury (Wielder: Unkown)

Bottom Right: Esmund the Protector (Wielder: Garroth)

Bottom Middle: Kul'zak the Wanderer (Wielder: Unknown)

Bottom Left: Shad the Destroyer (Wielder: Alina)

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