The Girl's Contest
MyStreet 28
Season 1, Episode 28
Post Date February 20, 2016
Duration 13:46
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"The Ro'Meave Brothers"
"Don't Tell Mom!"
"The Girl's Contest" is the 28th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on February 20th, 2016. 


"Lucinda decides to go straight up to Aphmau and ask her a very blunt question, but Katelyn stands in the way... how will the girls deal with it?"





  • The chronological order of the episode is unknown at the time but with the previous events of the Valentine's Day arc, it is possible that the episode takes place in between "Valentine's Disaster - Valentine's Date PT.3" and "The Ro'Meave Brothers".
    • During the beginning of the episode, Lucinda expresses her curiosity of the Valentine's date, a connection of the same arc name. This would then follow the episode chronologically. In the episode, there is no mention of Vylad. 
  • This episode reveals that Katelyn and Lucinda had a quarrel in high school. Also, it is revealed that Katelyn and Lucinda went to the same high school.
  • It is revealed that Cadenza and Lucinda watch The Walking Dead together, presumably because they are best friends.
    • This is a reference a previous episode in which Lucinda reveals that it was a reason that she broke up with her boyfriend. 
  • This is the first MyStreet episode where a character in shown in their underwear
    • If Aaron's mishap during the The Big Move series is not counted. 
  • Cadenza is revealed to despise of Lucinda and Katelyn's rivalry.


The Girl's Contest - Minecraft MyStreet -Ep

The Girl's Contest - Minecraft MyStreet -Ep.28 Minecraft Roleplay-


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