The Lord's Journal
Season 1, Episode 4
Post Date

March 17th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"The Lord's Journal" is the fourth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on March 17th, 2015. It runs for 16 minutes and 41 seconds.

If you would like to see the Full Episode Transcription, go to this page.


"We go to explore the North East clearing in the forest Garroth told us about... what will we find there?"


Aphmau tells the audience that she's going to head to the northeast area to the original Lord's home, which they said was going to be in a clearing. She remembers to put on her iron helmet.

More updates: The goats have their own pen now!

She finds the clearing with the old Lord's house. There's a bunch of coal lying around with a baby crib and a journal. The journal seems to be written by someone from our world. It says that the writer has just arrived in a regular Minecraft Village, except it's different because he can date the villagers. After a while though, it seemed that the villagers started to become more... "aware".

He also married someone named Milfina, but that name is never mentioned again.

A lot of the pages have been ripped out. The last page says "Why...? This is my world. NOT his. Milfina..." but Aphmau blacks out before she properly read it. Huh, strange how a person from our world can be knocked out by a Minecraft character...

Two figures in black, one male and one female, are talking over her unconscious form. They don't know why someone named 'Vylad' is interested in her.

When Aphmau wakes up, she wonders how that could happen and she feels like she got hit with a bag of coal. After realizing that the diary is gone, she decides to pillage the place, but she feels bad about it so it's okay. She decides to head back to the village, hoping Garroth and Zenix have something new to say. She gets distracted by a skeleton.

Zenix is meets her at the edge of town and tells her to go and rest after expressing concern for her. She goes to find Garroth, but he's not at his usual spot. She sees him and hunts him down and finds him talking with a dancing man named Paul. Garroth has already bought a lot out of the man's wares, which are ridiculously expensive. Man, Garroth's rich.

Garroth holds out his hand to give her some of his money, but she punches him and runs. Garroth eventually stops chasing after her. After she comes back and talks to him, she gets her first quest, "Seeds for the Future". She immediately decides to plant them, but stops and decides to go to her temporary house, the Library. She makes a bed. Aphmau finds it creepy that Emmalyn is watching her sleep... when she's in Emmalyn's library.

Aphmau reveals that she spawned in with a few items, including a dog charm that spawns a dog. She names him Thorgi. She then talks about how she can level Thorgi up into various different things before making him a fisher dog. This means that if he swims he has a chance of catching a fish. She then makes him docile, since she doesn't want to accidentally hit someone and have Thorgi kill them to death.

She puts the strawberry farm next to the rice farm and keep them close together. Then she realizes that the town doesn't have a name. Also, Thorgi catches his first fish. Aphmau works her bone meal magic to make more seeds.

She then decides to make a farm and decides to milk some of the goats. She only has Billina for some reason.

Aphmau hears a noise and thinks it's a Zombie. She sets Thorgi to aggressive and begins to hunt it down. She thinks about talking to Garroth to make the Babe House more protected... as if Garroth is aware. That is weird.

She decides she's going to get her own place next time.


  • The thumbnail for this video features Aphmau.
  • This is the episode where Aphmau spawned in Thorgi.
  • First appearance of Paul.
  • First appearance of Sasha.
  • First appearance of Milfina (Matilda)
  • Matilda's name was Milfina before she went into the Vylad Witness Protection Program.


The Lord's Journal Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

The Lord's Journal Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.4 Roleplay Survival Adventure!

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