The New Village Begins
Season 2, Episode 69
Post Date

February 22nd, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
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"Ancient Secrets"

"Old Friends, New Village"

"The New Village Begins" is the sixty-ninth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on February 22nd, 2016. It runs for 18 minutes and 41 seconds.


"After getting out of the ruins, the group decides to settle down on the island. But... they might have a bit of trouble..."

Episode Overview

The episode begins with a shot of Aphmau and Isabell unloading barrels and crates while Katelyn looks around at the place.

Lookin at stuff

Aphmau and Isabell unloading luggage while Katelyn watches

Katelyn then walks over to Aphmau, asking if she was sure about the place, and Aphmau replies that she is, and that its the perfect place to learn about Lady Irene. Katelyn then asks Aphmau if they really wanted to settle down on the part of the island, saying that it isn't all that great. Aphmau retorts that Katelyn and Travis were the people that choose the spot in the first place, and Katelyn admits that, she indeed found the spot with Travis.

Isabell interrupts the two, saying that Travis was nice and has been a doll whenever she sees him, and Katelyn is surprised by this, saying that she can't be serious. Isabell says that she is serious, and that he has helped with cooking and cleaning around the ship. When Katelyn says that she doesn't have to do the chores on the ship, Isabell insists that she loves cooking, cleaning, and everything that has to do with housework, and she's always wanted to be a housewife.

When Katelyn says that that sounds boring, Aphmau scolds her, but Isabell brushes her off, saying that she likes boring. Aphmau then tells Isabell that, if it makes her happy, then they'll be happy for her, and Isabell thanks her, stating that she likes simple things and doesn't see herself wielding a sword like Aphmau or Katelyn. Aphmau then walks up to her, and thanks her for looking after Lilith Garnet, Thorgina, and Celeste, but Isabell tells her that she shouldn't thank her, she loves looking after them, and that she honestly feels a little lost because Aaron was looking after Lilith Garnet. Aphmau then asks Isabell if she will look after Lilith when she and Aaron are gone, which Isabell gladly agrees to, saying that she's glad to be useful.

Isabell says that she has always wanted a family of her own, and that she wishes she were stronger, so maybe things would've been different for her, when Katelyn interrupts her, saying the past wasn't her fault. Isabell thanks her, but Katelyn goes on, saying that she's plenty strong and that taking care of a baby is a tremendous responsibility, and she's mush stronger than her. Katelyn apologizes, and Isabell smiles brightly, but they're interrupted by a noise coming from their camp by the edge of the forest.

Katelyn and Aphmau seem annoyed, that the two of them haven't given up yet, and it would be sad if it wasn't so funny to watch, but Isabell seems amused, giggling because they were so persistent. Aphmau and Isabell go to see what's going on while Katelyn checks their stocks of supplies. Before they leave, Katelyn remind Aphmau that they need to restock soon, Aphmau is surprised that they're so low already, but she agrees to do what she can.

Sign is best sign

Travis and Laurance working on their "house"

They head into the forest, where Laurance and Travis are working on a house. Isabell is about to go talk to them, but Aphmau hushes her and makes her hide behind a bush to watch Travis and Laurance, who are building the house without their shirts off.

Travis and Laurance start complaining to each other how hard building a house is. When Laurance asks Travis why he even wanted to build a house with him, Travis replies that he wanted to do something manly, and that the ladies on the island can't resist hot guys building. He says that there might even be ladies waiting in the bushes waiting to pounce on them. Aphmau gasps, but Laurance just rolls his eyes and tells Travis to dream on.

Isabell asks Aphmau if they were going to pounce on the guys, and Aphmau denies it, unless Isabell wanted to go out there solo. Isabell is about to reply, but Travis cuts them off, asking why they were waiting so long to pounce. Isabell tries to deny it, but Aphmau jumps in, saying that they were just enjoying the show of idiots.

Aphmau walks out to criticize the house, saying that they've been screaming and falling, but she doesn't even know if its a house or not. Laurance tries to, jokingly, defend the "craftsmanship" of the house, but he soon admits that he's going to need help from someone more experienced.


Vylad's small garden

Aphmau then asks where Lucinda is, and Travis replies that she came back from the forest some time ago, and she seemed to be distracted. Aphmau then asks where Vylad is, and Laurance replies that he went to do a small garden setup. Aphmau decides to go see Vylad, and asks Isabell if she wants to join her, but Isabell says that she was just going to head back to see if Katelyn needed her help.

Aphmau heads a little way deeper into the forest, where Vylad is with a small patch of farmland. She greets Vylad, and Vylad admits that he isn't an expert at farming. Aphmau tells him that he has nothing to be afraid of, and that he could do it. After looking at it a little more, Aphmau tells Vylad that they can't do it on their own, but Vylad doubts it, saying that, unless she had some magical growing crop in her bag, they can't really do anything.
Aaron n stuff

Aaron watching Lilith

Aphmau tells Vylad that she doesn't have a magic crop in her bag, but she does have another idea that involves some magic. Aphmau asks if Vylad has seen Lucinda, and Vylad replies that he hasn't, but he saw her wandering around earlier. Aphmau then tells Vylad that she was going to go look for Lucinda and check on Lilith, and she heads off.

She walks into camp to see Aaron and Lilith under one of the tents. Aphmau tells Aaron that she asked Isabell to watch Lilith when they couldn't watch her, and Aaron approves. While looking at Lilith, Aphmau says that shes glad that everyone wants to help, and Aaron agrees, saying that if anyone deserves to have a happy life, it was this Lilith. Aphmau and Aaron then decide to make sure that Lilith Garnet has a happy life.  

They are then interrupted by Lucinda, who asks if she's interrupting something special. Aphmau is glad that Lucinda is there, saying that shes been looking for, though Lucinda isn

The hole under the trees roots

't so sure about it, and Aphmau replies that she needs her help making a portal back to Phoenix Drop. Lucinda says that she knew Aphmau would bring that to her attention soon, and when Aphmau asks if it was even possible, Lucinda makes Aphmau follow her into the forest and back to the tower-like ruins. They go past the ruins to a large purple tree, where a hole by the roots lies. Lucinda tells Aphmau that this was where they had to be, but Aphmau is confused until she follows Lucinda down the hole to a small cavern underneath the roots where a glowing purple orb

The leyline

with purple lightning emitting from it on a gray pedestal sits.

Aphmau gazes at it, asking what it is, when Travis answers her question by bursting in, scaring Aphmau. Travis explained that it was a leyline, a magical node, and when this confuses Aphmau even more, Lucinda says that its used for teleportation, and they could use it to make a portal to Phoenix Drop. After they scold Travis for surprising and interrupting them, Lucinda fires something magical at  him, and the episode ends when a pan away from the tree to the mountain.


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