Their First Kiss
Phoenix Drop High 30
Season 1, Episode 30
Post Date June 22, 2016
Duration 15:53
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Aphmau In Wonderland"
"High School Crush"
"Their First Kiss" is the 30th and final episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on June 22nd, 2016.


"Freshman year has come to a close. Now it's time for summer! And summer means party! Right?"

Episode Overview

The episode begins in the park, where Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii~Chan are talking about their favorite cookies. Katelyn is surprised that they spent one hour on the topic. Aphmau freaks out about the time because it is nearly her curfew. The other girls tease her about it. Aphmau, a bit put off, says it was different now since her mom was out of town, so Aphmau was home alone. Katelyn says this is great because they could throw an end-of-year party at Aphmau's house. Aphmau immediately disagrees with this idea because if her mom found out, Aphmau would be dead. She then walks away to go home. Kawaii~Chan says she has "accidentally" sent an invitation to everyone in the school. Katelyn evilly snickers.

Aphmau, in the middle of sleeping, wakes up to the doorbell and answers it to Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn asking if they could borrow some sugar. Fine by it, Aphmau says to help themselves and goes back to bed. A while later, she wakes up to realize Kawaii~Chan always has sugar on her. She runs downstairs to a wild party in her house, and she storms over to Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn angrily. They talk, and after a while, Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn run off. Aphmau is still angry at them and says, "I swear I'll never live with them. They'd be horrible roommates." This is, in fact, a joke, due to the fact that Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii-Chan live together in MyStreet Season 1. Aphmau realizes she's still in her pajamas, so she goes to her bedroom to change.

She then tries to get everyone out of the house but fails to do so. She gives up and sits on the floor near the front door. Aphmau sees Katelyn is having a good time and is glad, but she quickly remembers who got her into this mess. Aaron calls her, asking if she'd like to hang out tomorrow. He asks if she's at a party, and she explains the situation. He then comes running over to her house and is there in seconds. Aphmau wonders how he got there so fast, but he changes the subject.

Aaron yells, "HEY!" which stops everyone. They all look at him. He orders everyone to get out of the house. A werewolf says, "No one makes me leave a party", but he gets thrown out the window by Aaron. Everyone runs out the house, screaming.

Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan apologize, but Aphmau says it's fine. Katelyn offers to help and clean up, but Aphmau says she can do it. She also says she wants to be alone with Aaron. Kawaii~Chan starts to scream and fangirl. The two leave Aphmau's house, leaving the door open. Aaron apologizes about the window, but Aphmau says it's no problem and her mom is going to kill her anyways. Aaron says he's going to come over tomorrow to fix it before Aphmau's mom comes back. He starts to clean it but since there's glass, he cuts himself on his arm. Aphmau becomes worried, and she puts a bandage on the cut.

Suddenly, the werewolf, who was previously thrown out the window, comes back to apologize and says it was an awesome party. He also continues by saying Aphmau and Aaron were the best alphas yet. He says that it is a shame that Aaron is leaving. As he leaves, he tells Aphmau to take good care of him.

Aphmau, who has been recently paying attention in werewolf class, suddenly realizes why all this time people were calling her Alpha. They weren't pronouncing her name wrong. She WAS the alpha female. She turns to Aaron who says all this time people thought they were dating. As Aaron was blushing and being flustered, Aphmau realizes that Aaron knew this all along. Embarrassed and humiliated at her naivety, Aphmau yells why Aaron never told her this. Aaron says that he didn't want Aphmau to know about his feelings. Aphmau, crying, runs upstairs into her bedroom.

Aaron chases after her and goes into her bedroom. Aaron looks around, and finally finds her crying in her closet. Aaron begins to apologize but she yells at him to go away. She then asks him when he had marked her, with Aaron admitting that he had liked her for a long time. Aaron then starts to rant about college and how he wants to make his last summer with her memorable. Aphmau says that'd be nice and she talks about a summer resort would be nice place to spend summer at. Aaron comments on it saying that's a little fantastical. This is, in fact, ANOTHER joke, due to the fact that the crew all go to the Love~Love Paradise resort in MyStreet Season 2.

Aaron says, "I don't want to leave you." Aphmau comes running out of her closet and the two hug. Aphmau, still crying, says he's not leaving her. Then, Aphmau confesses her feelings for Aaron. She says she likes Aaron a lot. She wants to kiss him, but she's afraid it's going to hurt. Aaron says it will be his first kiss, and Aphmau replies we can't kiss then because Aaron needs to share it with someone special to him. Aaron then hugs Aphmau and says she is very special to him, even if they don't end up together. The two kiss.

Still hugging, Aaron asks if it hurt, and Aphmau says it didn't hurt at all. She asks if they could do it again, and he says yes. Before they could kiss again, the werewolf, who previously was kicked out the window, breaks the window and says he forgot his wallet. Since there is a full moon out, he also asks if they want to howl at it on top of the roof. They agree to come. Aaron then says he's way better than Aphmau, and she replies she's been practicing.

Aaron, Aphmau, and the rest of the werewolf pack start howling at the full moon on the roof. Aaron and Aphmau seem to be holding hands. Then, the episode ends.



  • Prior to the episode, the girls were discussing which type of cookies are the best.
    • Kawaii~Chan and Aphmau share a love for sugar cookies. The former also carries sugar with her all the time.
  • Aphmau stops Aaron's wounded hand with a red bandana, which is a reference to Aaron wearing one in Minecraft Diaries Season 2.
  • This marks the first time Aaron and Aphmau kiss.
    • Aaron finally confesses his feelings to Aphmau.
    • Aphmau is revealed to be Aaron's first kiss, while he is her third (her first was Garroth, then Laurance).
  • Aphmau says she never wants to live with Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan. This is a reference to the first season of MyStreet in which they all share a house together.
  • Aphmau dreams of summer break as a paradise and resort. This is a callback on the second season of MyStreet: Love~Love Paradise.


Their First Kiss - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High FINALE -Ep15:54

Their First Kiss - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High FINALE -Ep.30 Minecraft Roleplay-

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