The Thieves Guild is mentioned in S2 Ep 39, when Aphmau meets James, the head guard of Nahakra Village (he calls it the bandit guild). It is known for stealing from various places.


The guild resides somewhere in the mountains nearby Nahakra Village. The hideout is hidden by Magicks, making one unable to get past the barrier unless they have the Thieves Sigil and the way to it.

Members and Visitors

Boss: (Leader)

Aphmau: (Past "Initiate". Past First Trial)

Amber: ( Unknown rank. last known rank was "Initiate")

Kalzul: (Member/Guard)

Michi: (Visited to Sell Levin, Malachi and Zoey)


Thieves Guild

Thieves Guild image gallery


  • The inside of the thieves hideout is similar in style to the Skyrim's Thieves Guild.

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