The Thieves Sigil appears to be a lighter blue on the outside, while it is a darker blue in the middle of it. It appears to maybe have a design on it but it is hard to make out. It first appeared in season two of Minecraft Diaries, when Aphmau and Amber were trying to get into the Thieves Guild.

Thieve's Sigil
Vital statistics
Type A type of Magick key or charm
Effects Key to open the hidden entrance to the Thieve's Guild
Source Unknown
Cost to buy not for sale
Cost to sell not for sale

Background Story

The Thieves Guild has existed for awhile now and has been know to steal a great deal from Nahakra Village and other villages in the surrounding area. Aphmau had been walking into Nahakra Village, when someone (Amber) knocked into her and pick-pocketed her music box. Aphmau chased after her and eventually cornered her. Amber made her a deal that if she got into the Thieves Guild with her, she would give the music box back. The only reason she accepted this offer was the fact that the Thieves Guild could give her information on were Michi had taken Levin, Malicai, and Zoey. They had gone to the Thieves Guild together (since only those who knew the way could find it) and Amber told Aphmau that in in order to get in, you have to have a Thieves Sigil.


Upon coming to the entrance to the Thieves Guild, Amber held up her Thieves Sigil. Doing so resulted in the door to the guild opening for a short period of time. How the door responds to the sigil is unknown, but it is certain that you need to have the sigil in order to get into the guild.


Amber holding the Thieve's Sigil

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