Professional Status
  • Scaleswind
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop
Personal Status



Thorgina (Daughter)

First Appearance

"The Lord's Journal"

Last Appearance

"A Lady's Best Friend"


Thorgi was Aphmau's first dog, he was spawned using a Doggy Charm. It is believed that he is the leader of all of Aphmau's dogs. He has gone with Aphmau on the most of her adventures, and some say that she loves him most.

In Season Two Episode 25, we see Thorgi was still alive as he had waited to see Aphmau for 15 years. He died in Aphmau's arms. He had been the only one of her original dogs in Season 1 to still be alive in Season 2, fifteen years from then. He had puppies with an unknown female corgi, one of those puppies was named Thorgina, who was described by Kiki as a "daddy's girl". She was adopted by Aphmau.


Thorgi has the default tamed wolf skin with a indigo collar. In Season 2, Thorgi's coat has whitened, and his collar is a magenta.


Thorgi is playful and loyal. He is assumed to be a leader-figure among the other dogs.

Fellow Dogs


Minecraft Diaries Season 1 Episode 4 Screenshot6

Thorgi image gallery


  • Thorgi was a fisher dog, meaning that if he goes into water and shakes his fur, there is a chance you will get fish.
  • While Thorgi did die, it has been noted that old age, exhaustion, or hypertension may have played a part in his demise.
  • Aphmau has stated that she named Thorgi after the mythical god Thor, son of Odin and that her favourite breed of dogs were Corgis.

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