Personal Status



Thorgi (Father; Deceased) Unknown Mother


Aphmau (Owner)

First Appearance

"A Lady's Best Friend"


Thorgina appears in Season 2 Episode 25.Thorgina is the daughter of Thorgi, Aphmau's first pet in the series, and also the eldest of his offspring, which is the reason why she was given a feminine variation of his name.

It is shown that she was a personal favorite of her father's, and would be shown the most attention. She, along with the offspring of Aphmau's other dogs, was being cared for by Kiki, who kept a puppy farm in Scaleswind. However, shortly after Thorgi died, Kiki allowed Aphmau to take custody of Thorgina, as a form of condolences for the death of Thorgi, and now Thorgina is Aphmau's travelling companion. It is explained that though her father was a wolf, her mother was a corgi, which explains why she looks like one.


She has sable fur with white pigmentation on her belly and snout. Though her father is a wolf, it is mentioned that her mother is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi - a herding dog breed, which originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales - which means that Thorgina is a both a wolfdog and what some might refer to as a Corgi Mix, which simply means she is not a purebred or pedigree corgi. A wolfdog (also called a wolf–dog hybrid or wolf hybrid) is a canid hybrid resulting from the hybridization of a domestic dog and one of the four subspecies of wolf, in this case a gray wolf. However, Thorgina appears to share no resemblance with her father, though they are similar in personality. she seems to have the model and skin of a corgi, showing no resemblance to her father whatsoever.


Friendly and seems to enjoy playing with Aphmau's other dog, Celeste.



  • Thorgina may not be show in MyStreet episodes, because she has debuted while the mini series before MyStreet, the Big move

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