Travis is the tritagonist in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, a main character in Minecraft MyStreet, MyStreet: Love~Love Paradise, MyStreet: Lover's Lane, MyStreet: Starlight, and a supporting character in Phoenix Drop High Season 2.

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Full Name

Travis Valkrum










Lightly Tanned

Hair Color

Gray and White

Eye Color
  • Emerald Green
  • Light Gray (Formerly)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High


Unknown Job

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Actor
Previous Team

Not-Alone Buddy

Personal Status



Terry (Father)



First Appearance
Voice Actor

Patrick M. Seymour


In Season One, Travis used to live with Garroth, Laurance, and Dante. He lived in the basement. He is on the swim team, he knows seven different languages, works out seven times a week, is an amazing cook, he also volunteers for a puppy hospital every weekend and he was Romeo in a few plays. After Dante begins to tell Travis about the "fly honies" in the neighborhood, Garroth and Laurance tricked him into challenging Aaron for Aphmau.

They were getting ready to watch Frozen when Aphmau went to the bathroom. While she was gone, Travis tore off his shirt, he forcefully tore the other boys' shirts as well. When she came back she was shocked. Then he made Aphmau laugh with a joke, "so bad it's adorable". At the end of the joke, Garroth and Laurance punched Travis to the ground, showing deep anger.

Throughout the series, he annoys the girls, especially Katelyn. He often gets punched or slapped. In the convention he is kissed by Katelyn. Lucinda threatened to steal him from her. She was about to kiss Travis when Katelyn wanted to show her how it was done. Travis fell on the ground, then realized what happened. He is then knocked out by Katelyn. In the following episode, Katelyn apologizes to him for kissing him.

Travis wasn't always so annoying as he is now. In MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, he is the opposite from his Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet counterparts. He is more isolated and has a more approachable demeanor. He quickly becomes Aphmau's first friend/not-alone buddy and both share a bond due to their shy and timid personality. Later on in the year, Dante took Travis as an apprentice, corrupting his personality to the way it is today.

In Season Two of MyStreet, he is accidentally left behind while the others go on vacation. Katelyn notices this as soon as the group arrives at their location. At first, he thinks he has all the girls to himself (ironically they left too), but then he started to go semi-paranoid, using himself and strangers to replace his friends. When over a week had passed, Katelyn realized she forgot to call Travis. Meanwhile, Travis left cookies in the oven for too long, causing the house to burst into flames. The fire eventually spread to a crate of explosive feathers. The house ultimately self-destructs causing Travis to be blasted off towards Love~Love Paradise.

Travis landed in the paradise, thinking that he is in heaven. He is suprised to meet Aphmau. He thought that he killed her as well. Aphmau tried to explain the situation to him, but he runs to someone playing with fire, thinking that the fire won't hurt him as he thought he was in heaven. Later in the episode, he wants to jump off the top of a building. He was about to do it when Katelyn came. She said she was worried about him. Travis annoys her as usual. Katelyn then pushes him off the building. Suprrisingly, Travis survives it. It seems like he was only knocked out. When no one is looking, Katelyn kisses him in his sleep.

At the start of Season Three of MyStreet, Travis and Dante agree on becoming roommates after the gang is introduced to their new neighborhood by Zianna (After Mayor Chad obliterates their old one) and coming to the conclusion that their old house was too crowded with Garroth, Laurance, Dante and Travis living together, leaving Garroth and Laurance to room together. Although, they do pick houses next to each other to become neighbors. It is shown in early episodes that Travis and Katelyn are avoiding a serious relationship despite Travis still showing feelings for her, but they are still friends. Travis is not as prominent as usual this season and his number of appearances decreased. Even though his number of appearances has dropped, Katelyn mentions Travis and her hanging out more often and even stating that she promised him she'd try to control her anger.

In the final episode of Emerald Secret, Travis's father has finally been revealed after the ending credits. Although not very visible, viewers proclaim he may be the snake-eyed man who worked with Ein for many years. This evidence concludes that Travis may have been a victim of the failed Forever Potion, giving his once gray eyes into a jade green, just like those of Lucinda, Aphmau, and Zane.

His relationship with the Snake-Eyed man is further proved when he spots Lucinda's potion book that belonged to the snake-eyed man. When looking at it, his voice suddenly got demonic as he was temporarily possessed by the ghost of the snake-eyed man himself and demanded where Lucinda got the book before snapping back to reality and also tempted to tell Katelyn the story of the Ultima after she was concerned for Aphmau desire for learning about werewolves just by seeing Dottie's appearance, giving them both a sense of deja vu. Further information that proves this theory is that the Demon Warlock from the Minecraft Diaries series was described to have eyes like a snake.

Even though this may be true, Travis' father is shown in episode 5 of Aphmau's Year to be a kind man. No one knows for sure if he is acting, or he actually has the personality of what is shown.

In episode 20 of Starlight, Travis was once again possessed, presumably by the Snake-Eyed man, to help fix an argument between him and Katelyn. Throughout the episode, it is revealed that whoever is possessing Travis is very smooth with their words. We also learned that Travis is aware that he is speaking these things, but feels lightheaded the entire time.

It is later revealed that he has been reading the book that was taken from Lucinda and he brought it with him to Starlight.


In MyStreet, he wears a teal hoodie with black, uneven drawstrings and black pants. In the explosion, his clothes were torn off and only a part of his pants remained.

In case you were wondering about his appearance as a princess in Season 1, you may find all your answers on this page.

In MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, Travis wears a light navy blue shirt with what seems to be some sort of insignia or badge, gray pants, a white undershirt and a light sky blue tie that all male students are required to wear.

In Love~Love Paradise, Travis is shown with a pixelated version of Aphmau Merchandise imprinted on a green t-shirt and the obvious swim trunks. However, in the water park, he is seen with no t-shirt on.

In Lover's Lane, Travis wears a blue-ish floral print shirt with yellow flowers over a white t-shirt with black pants and a striped belt.

In his cat form, he is similar to Katelyn, pale green with a dark green scarf.

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In MyStreet, he is sociable and is more straight-forward to the women especially. He is more flirtatious and playful (and extremely perverted), which is why he usually ends up getting punched by women. However, in the Valentine's episode, he seems a bit shy, showing that he can lack confidence sometimes, though it's more likely that he just wasn't expecting Katelyn to feel nervous around him, showing that he might be covering up some self-doubt with all his flirting and bluster. It is revealed in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High that Travis developed his flirtatious behavior due to Dante's extremely horrible dating advice (attempting said advice is practically suicide).

He also seems to have an unknown split-personality that comes up randomly. It seems to help Travis in certain situations.

Episode Appearances

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Aphmau's Year


Heeyy Baby! Glad to see you made it to the gun show in time! check this out. BIKOW!

-Travis, talking to Aphmau. MyStreet, Episode 14 "The New Guy"

So Dante, you said there were some pretty fly honies in the neighborhood.

-Travis, talking to Dante. MyStreet, Episode 14 "The New Guy"

Did someone say hot? Because I'm here to light the room on fire!

-Travis, MyStreet, Episode 15 "Burnin' Love"

See, I at least admit I am a pervert. Not one who is in denial like "NO NO I don't I don't do stuff like ahh.."

-Travis Minecraft Pixel Painters *Truth about Sprinkles

Okay real talk, I look like toast right now...

-Travis Minecraft Pixel Painters *Truth About Sprinkles

Are you a camera? Because I smile everytime I look at you.

Travis, Phoenix Drop High Episode 24 "Heartbreaker"

I'm Trash. Will you take me out?

Travis, Phoenix Drop High Episode 24 "Heartbreaker"

"Heeeeyyy" Katelyn..."

Travis, multiple minigames and episodes and MyStreet Season 2, Episode 1 "Love~Love Paradise!"

Dante: She is such an angel...

Travis: An angel with a BOOTY!

Travis and Dante; On their Minds, MyStreet Season 1, Episode 26 "Valentine's Disaster"

Don't mess with demons!

Travis, Minigame Hide and Seek "Baby Garroth"


  • He claims that his OTP (One True Pairing) is "Katemau" (Katelyn and Aphmau) though he likely wouldn't be happy about it if it were to become a reality since he has a crush/obsession on Katelyn. He also hates the concept of "Jefflyn" - the pairing of Katelyn and Jeffory, and is prone to extreme jealousy and temper tantrums when the idea is mentioned.
  • He seems to always have cherry flavored breath mints on his person.
  • His signature color appears to be the dark sea green in his clothing. This is shown more on his MyStreet counterpart, who wears a sea green colored hoodie.
  • The reason why he's really flirty is because of Dante's bad advice. Otherwise, he actually seems to be able to talk to a girl without having them punch him.
  • When he arrives in Love~Love Paradise, he thinks he is in heaven due to the fact that there is no way he could've survived the explosion he caused.
  • He occasionally shops at American Eagle.
  • His favorite character in Undertale is Papyrus. He shares this along with Katelyn.
  • His favorite food is tacos.
  • He is shown to become very angry easily as shown in an episode of Prop Hunt and he claims he "gets it from his dad". This is a reference to Minecraft Diaries, where he is half demon and is able to turn into one at will. When he has these outbursts of anger, he is unable to remember them after he returns to normal. He also gets really serious and Katelyn seems to like this side of him.
  • He calls Katelyn "Hun", and she hates it.
  • A running gag is that whenever Travis says "Heeeey Katelyn!" to Katelyn, she punches him in the stomach.
  • Travis has a tendency of referring to some of his female friends as "Hun", this mostly occurs in the case of Aphmau.
  • Travis said that he also participates in martial arts. This is a reference that his voice actor also voiced Budo Masuta, the leader of the martial arts club from Yandere Simulator.
  • Travis started to be not in his pervert-side since Season 3.
  • His eyes are shown to have once been gray, and it is theorized that his father, Terry, used a failed forever potion on him that changed his eyes.
  • Lucinda seems to suspect him of stealing the spellbook due to his reaction when he saw it but does not want to suggest this to anyone else.



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