Tu'la is a region in the world of Minecraft Diaries, ruled by the King of the Tu'la Empire. Not much is known about it, they first appeared in Season 2 when they invaded O'khasis. The King is a so-called tyrant and is bent on taking over all of the regions. Not much is known about it yet other than they have a very powerful army. In the progress they next invaded Nahakra village.

The Tu'la Region is also the homeland of the Meif'wa.

Most notable Meif'wa are...


Kawaii~chan and

Michi! the known half Meif'wa are Nekoette~tan.

Possibly Havas might be a city state, the king of tu'la region probally is a meif'wa but that is unspecified.

It is also known that Sir Liochant The Devout Blade came from Tu'La and is now in Ru'an serving Aphmau

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