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We first see Vylad when he leads Aphmau to the village that becomes her home, where all her friends are, Phoenix Drop.

We then see him watching Phoenix Drop, with Gene standing next to him asking why he continued to watch.  He then looks at Aphmau.

We next see Vylad in Episode 10 when Brendan got shot.  We later found out that he wasn't aiming for Brendan, that he was aiming for Zenix, who he must have known was a fellow Shadow Knight.  Why would he aim for him then?  He's had a change of heart, or he resisted being a Shadow Knight.  He was protecting Aphmau.

The next time we see Vylad is when he leaves Levin outside of Aphmau's house, which we later learn he did for Matilda.  He could have given the baby to anyone, but he gives it to Aphmau.  He trusts her.  He could have given the baby to Sahsa, and she could have made powerful potions out of Levin's blood, but he betrays the Shadow Knight's to protect Levin and to give Aphmau what means most to her in all the world.  (In the Minecraft Diaries world.)

We also hear Vylad's name mentioned when Zenix says that he killed the previous Lord of Phoenix Drop, and would have killed his wife and son too, if it weren't for  Vylad!

But finally, and possibly the most important thing he did that points to Vyladmau, was when she went after the Chicken Shaman in the Nether and Laurance stayed behind, Vylad destroyed the portal behind her, preventing the Shadow Knights from following her, knowing it would also trap himself in the Nether, with all the other Shadow Knights, who now want to kill him.  He was put in jail and repeatedly interrogated because he was suspected to know another way out of the Nether, and as far as we know he never broke.

Why Vyladmau might happen

1- We know Vylad likes Aphmau due to Gene saying that Aphmau would never love him despite all he had done for her.

2- The time skip might not matter, since Vylad may be a full Shadow Knight and have immortality.

3- We know Vylad has a good heart, and won't kill her.

4-They spend a surprising amount together alone, and they seem to like each other.

Also, Aphmau seemed to place a large emphasis on Vylad in the Main Lore episode for Season One.  She also has been mentioning Vylad in the side stories as Garroth and Zane's younger brother. Which is some theory starts since episode 51, when we found out Zane was Garroth's younger brother.  Then in episode 52 when we found out there was a third brother who was missing. So we know Aphmau knows about Vylad.

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