Witches (males are known as Warlocks) are supernatural beings who can cast spells and create potions.

General Information


Witches and Warlocks are often feared due to the stereotyping that they are evil and practice dark magic to cause destruction and evil, but in a majority of cases this is far from the truth, as most use their powers for healing and for the greater good of their respective communities, such as protecting the area from enemies and hunting down criminals. However, their reputation is often fractured by the witches and warlocks who are genuinely bad people who commit evil deeds simply for the sake of committing evil, and so in uninformed areas, witches who are discovered often undergo various forms of humiliation and torture, so for their own safety, many live in desolate areas where very few, if any, people live.


Witches and Warlocks look just like humans, but are able to perform magic, and often do this by wielding a scepter or wand. Probably the most obvious characteristic of a witch was the ability to cast a spell, "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. A spell could consist of a set of words, a formula or verse, or a ritual action, or any combination of these.

Known Witches/Warlocks


  • The word witch derives from the Old English nouns wicca (meaning "sorcerer, male witch") and wicce (meaning "sorceress, female witch").


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