Wyvern Lair Logs are blue-gray logs that can only be found in the Wyvern Lair. They can be turned into cyan colored planks.


After the episode "Maid in Heaven", Aphmau took one of the maids with her while exploring around in a forest. In the forest, she met a man named Elder Kain, who asked her to collect some Wyvern Lair Logs from the Wyvern Lair. He claimed to be a prior lord over a village which was burned and that these logs were fire-proof, so he naturally wanted to use them for rebuilding his town. However, while exploring the Wyvern Lair, Aphmau discovered that the old man might have some sinister reasons for her fetching the Wyvern Lair Logs.

Ungrth later explained to Aphmau that the Wyvern Lair Logs could be used in a ritual to return the Wyvern home. SInce then however, the Wyvern Lair Logs have not turned up or become necessary for the plot.


  • The old man turned out to be Zenix in disguise, so it is unknown whether or not the logs are actually fireproof or if they were going to be used in some kind of ritual or spell.