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Lady Irene (Love Interest)


Xavier was a guard during the time of Lady Irene. After the downfall of a tyrannical king, Xavier started the Jury of Nine: nine guards with special abilities in magics. It is thought that the Jury of Nine was started to protect Irene, whom Xavier loved, but it is unknown.

He was also Irene's guard.

Xavier loved Irene, but so did many of the Divine Warriors,Esmund , Shad, Enki. It is unknown who Irene chose. Many say it was Xavier, but it could have been another man. We believe that Irene did not choose Enki. It seems that it was mentioned that Irene did not love him back. We do have proof that Irene returned feelings for Shad. They were lovers of good and evil, which stood in the way of their love. Then Esmund came along. Irene had a lot on her shoulders but Xavier was one small fragment in her love life.


It is unknown what Xavier looked like.

Likely, he wore a Jury of Nine armor set, since he's the founder of the elite group, and all official members of the group, who've appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 (except Janus), has wore the same armor set, but each with different colored sections.




  • Xavier is the Basque name meaning "bright," Xavier is also the name of Saint Francis Xavier.
  • It's possible that the Bright Port statue from "Another Statue?" is Xavier, since he is the Founder of the Jury of Nine and likely that the O'khasian Soldiers added it to claim the town under their rule.
    Statue enki
    • Although it could just be Jeffory, since he was the Juror to be stationed there during Zane's occupation of Bright Port. It should be noted, however that Jeffory never uses the staff the statue wields (Looking exactly like the one Lucinda uses in Season 2).

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