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New MCD Zane 2

Full Name

Zane Ro'Meave


ZuZu (by Zianna)

  • Shadow Knight
  • Human (Formerly)
  • Black Metal Broadsword (Past)
  • Shadow Knight Crimson Sword (Current)





Pale White

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Blue

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

The Faith of Lady Irene


Shadow Knight

Previous Occupation(s)

High Priest of O'khasis

Personal Status



Zane (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Molly's Secret"

Voice Actor



Zane is Garroth's younger brother, and older adoptive brother to Vylad. He is the main antagonist of the first season. Zane is the younger brother of Garroth and the second-born son of the lord of O'Khasis. He is the High Priest of the Faith of Lady Irene and has a large influence over many villages and people due to his title. Although Zane has never really been seen to be as kind as a priest.

According to Garroth, Zane had been exhibiting personality issues as a child even before their father's influence. However, with their father's influence, Zane only became more corrupt and manipulative as he got older.

At some point early on, Zane became the High Priest, which according to him took many years of dedicated study.

He appeared first at Donna and Logan's wedding when he married them in Phoenix Drop. At the reception, he gave Kiki a pendant that, when pricked with the blood of a male and a female, would create a child. This did produce a daughter born of Kiki's blood, but in S2 it is discovered that Leona, the daughter, is a werewolf and that the father must have been a pure-blooded werewolf, disproving the assumption that Zane was the other parent.

This pendant also cursed Kiki, making her weak and sick, further proof that Zane was untrustworthy. At the reception Garroth shows up and, though he had earlier refused to show his face at the event, he shows up without his helmet and asks Aphmau to dance. However, after the reception Garroth and Aphmau are talking and when Zane shows up and explains that he is Garroth's younger brother, and that that their father is currently looking for Garroth. Zane stayed in Phoenix Drop for a week after the wedding, which unnerved Aphmau, and refused to let anyone into Brendan's farmhouse, which he had commandeered for himself and his guards.

At the baby shower, he gave Alexis an enchanted necklace, which he later used to perform a ritual in the plaza, temporarily turning Alexis into a Shadow Knight. After the effects had worn off and Zane had fled, Alexis remained an adult in an indefinite sleep, though she was no longer a Shadow Knight.

While Aphmau was on the journey where she found Nicole, Dante and the others, one of the O'Khasis guards that were in Bright Port said that Zane was planning to marry Aphmau, since her 'fiance' Laurence had been "eaten by werewolves." This may have just been a plot to help keep Aphmau in Bright Port, or he may have actually been trying to marry her, possibly to take control of Phoenix Drop somehow.

Afterwards, he captured Lord Burt and Lord Luke. Then when Jeffory the Golden Heart betrays him, Zane stabs him in the back (literally) and talks to his spy in Phoenix Drop (Brian, or known as Velius). Later he leads the Lord of Scaleswind to Phoenix Drop to find Nicole. He causes the villages to go to war. Afterwards, his guards attack Phoenix Drop and burn down Meteli. So after the war, Aphmau finds Laurance, who was knocked out and claims that Garroth has the amulet. In the woods Aphmau sees Garroth giving the amulet to Zane, and she is terrified and shocked.

Laurance yells to Zane that he has Garroth under some spell. He moves to attack Zane when Garroth and Laurance battle. Garroth took Katelyn's Title of the Jury and Garroth becomes part of the Jury of Nine. Then Zane teleports everyone (the ones that are surrounding the amulet) to the Irene dimension, and is about to take Irene's Relic, but then it vanishes and absorbs into Aphmau. Zane turns into a an unknown black demon or shadow form in the 100th episode, and tries to kill Aphmau.

Zane was about to kill Aphmau and then the stranger (Aaron) holds off the sword in Zane's hand. Then Zane knocks Aaron to the floor, holding his sword to the top of his head, swinging down about to cut when Garroth stops the sword blocking Aphmau and says he was blinded by Zane's evilness. Suddenly a portal shows up, and Zoey appears. But then taking no chances they escape, before that happened, Garroth tells Aphmau his feelings for her and says he loves her and that he is not worthy to be with Aphmau. They are forced to leave and Garroth and Zane stay back fighting in the end. Hopefully, They can get back into the Irene dimension Safely without sacrificing Anyone's immortality or life.

Although not a common thought, a few of us fans theorize that Zane under a spell or was possessed, explaining his extreme strength and unknown form, but besides that nothing points to this theory. This is almost upsetting because if you think about it, Zane could've been a so much better person if he didn't turn. Even if he still was reclusive, he could've been a big help. However, He currently is corrupt, evil, and demonic, despite the fact that he is a great character.

In episode 81, Zane is killed along with Aaron in a blast from an unknown object, in Aaron's attempt to bring back Garroth and protect his new family. Unfortunately, he is about to kill Garroth just when Aaron interrupts, so Aaron stops him just in time.

In Season 3, Zane returns to the Overworld as a Shadow Knight and as a Shadow Knight, defeats all of Lady Katelyn's guards, and is later on taken to Phoenix Drop.

During the trip through to the Nether, Zane acts as a guide.Who then later escapes during the encounter with Gene and the Shadow Lord amidst the panic to flee.

In episode 6, he arrived at Phoenix Drop hoping to find his relic, where he overhears some villagers talk to Dante about Lady Irene's return and, after seeing a villager walking by with a similar appearance, he used his powers to imitate that villager's appearance. He later met Brendan in hopes of getting info but was annoyed by his lack of info and was sniffed by Leona at the stalls, almost blowing his cover. He later overhear Donna talking to Kenmur who brought up about Emmalyn researching about Shad's relic and her love of talking about Irene. He later went to her house to talk about how he's devoted to Lady Irene and was hoping Emmalyn can share info. Later, at the end of the episode, he kidnapped her.

Later in a cave he demands information from her about the relic, saying knowledge is greater than power. After she refused, Zane threatened that Emmalyn can either leave but he'll kill Kenmur, or have her stay and give him. Emmalyn chose the latter but annoys him with questions about death and reborn as a Shadow Knight and his armor and the portal. Extremely annoyed by the amount of questions, he mutters that nosy scholars should be killed before questioned by Emmalyn again. He yells shut up at her, and is frustrated.

In episode 8, he later sensed Gene's attack at the Phoenix Drop Capital while forcing Emmalyn to research, unaware that Gene's looking for him.

In Season 2 it becomes aware that Zane had been the person to cause the deaths of the people of Falcon Claw, not the old lord or people now know him as Aaron Lycan.

In episode 23, after yelling at Emmalyn for dozing off, Zane had a flashback where he was tortured in the Nether by a Shadow Knight before meeting Shad in limbo, who said that he was special, which is why he resurrected him. Zane was angry for what Shad did, but promised that he'll find Irene as he knows she has returned. He then sense someone coming to the cave and attacked the Shadow Knights who have arrived to kill him nearby. Then, he told Emmalyn to run while he burns the books to hide evidence from Shad and took the fragment before he left.

Minecraft Side Stories Timelines

Side Story: Beach

He wrecks the group's carriage and takes over the good beach spot first. Garroth and Zane set up a mini game of beach jousting, and the winner would get the good beach spot. Aphmau beat Zane's guard, and they got the spot. Zane then said, "Whatever, this spot sucks anyway. Let's go somewhere cooler, guards!"

Side Story: Theme Park

He's not above dressing up as a girl and doing obnoxious things. He dressed up as a girl and joined the girls fashion competition as 'Zanerina.' He also tossed a second fish at Garroth which made all of the cats go to him earlier after Garroth made the cats go to Laurance. Aphmau was rather amused at these events. "I do not know what you are talking about, my name is Zanerina, NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE." Also he was wearing a bikini. A "breathtaking, stunning" bikini.

Side Story: Slumber Party

It has been said that some of the ladies in Phoenix Drop do think that he is cute, but all agree that he is evil, and would still kill him without a second thought. This is non-canon, so we do not really know if this is true. He was prank called at the boy's slumber party. He also apparently is a brony, and says ponies are the pure essence of evil (just like him!) and would be perfect for his army when he attacks the boy/girl slumber party. "Ponies, commence PARTY ATTACK!"

The Big Move

In the Finale episode of The Big Move, Garroth calls Zane. Zane is seen playing with MLP toys on a table. Garroth asks Zane whether he'd like to move in to a new house with him and Laurence, but Zane refuses. After hanging up, he continues to play with the three ponies shown on his desk.


Zane Corrupted

Zane has black hair and pale blue eyes. His black hair covers one of his eyes, which was announced in Pixel Painters to be a blind eye. He wears a primarily white outfit with black markings, black gloves, and a black cross necklace. He also wears a mask that has a cross on it.

When he first appears at Donna and Logan's wedding, he wears a white outfit with a white hood and gold markings that obscures most of his face, a brown belt, and gold shoes.

When he becomes corrupted his skin becomes black and his eyes pure white. His outfit darkens and becomes tattered. He starts to emit black particles as well.

In Season 3 Zane is a shadow knight, and has shadow knight armor instead of his former clothing.


Zane being the main antagonist of season one is known for his lack of humanity and compassion. He may seem well-mannered, though he has temper issues. Zane is mostly grumpy, though at times he can show emotion other than anger, revenge and hatred.



Zane image gallery



-Zane, Minecraft Diaries Season 1, Episode 100

These Ponies! They might just be the edition I need to my army!!!

-Zane, The Boys Slumber Party, Side Stories

You thought you were going to get away with your lame prank calls?! I KNOW it was you! You think ponies are just a joke! Ponies are the true essence of pure evil! PONIES COMMENCE PARTY ATTACK!!!

-Zane, Boys Girls And Ponies, Side Stories

Come one, Come all. Dunk the Zane and win a prize! *sigh* Do I really have to do this?? I mean we really don't need money this badly. We can just steal it from everyone! I feel like I'm in some kind of horrible fan service! *sigh* Also, why did we have to put my ponies up for prizes??

-Zane, FALLing For You, Side Stories

NO *cough* NOT PINKY CAKE!!!

-Zane, FALLing For You, Side Stories

Is that the limited edition set?!

-Zane, A Present of Love, Side stories

Zane: Hahahahaha... Come to get revenge?




Zane~ Episode 81


  • The name Zane has been attributed to several countries. In Hebrew, the name means "Gift from God", and since Zane is a priest, this name could be considered rather fitting, though as he is a villain, it can also be considered to be ironic. The name can also be traced back to Arabic origins, where it used as a unisex name. When used for a boy, the Arabic meaning of the name is "Good", while in the case of a girl, it means "Beautiful".
  • Side stories show that Zane is a brony, a male fan of My Little Pony.
  • It is revealed in Episode 44 of Season Two that Vylad is the uterine sibling (also known as a maternal half-sibling) of Zane and Garroth. This means that Vylad has the same mother (Lady Zianna) as they do, but a different father.
  • His voice actor is LucariosKlaw.
  • Zane and Aphmau are the same age.
  • Zane is blind in his right eye.
  • Zane is not afraid to kill children.
  • After Beach Vacation Side Stories, Zane was voiced by LucariosKlaw continuously until MyStreet Ep.13 where he was used with a normal dialog without a voice.
  • Zane, as well as Aaron, apparently died in the explosion when Aaron removed his relic by force. Shad met them in Limbo and took control over Aaron's body. Zane begged him to make him a shadow knight, claiming to know where Irene is.
  • It is possible that Zane can reform himself and become a good guy, because there are events that shows suggests a change in charcter, but we can't be too sure.

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