Lady of O'Khasis

Full Name

Zianna Ro'Meave







Hair Color


Eye Color

Lime Green

Personal Status



Zianna (MyStreet)

First Appearance

S2, E43 (Flashback)

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Zianna is the wife of the Lord of O'khasis, Garte and the mother to Garroth, Zane and Vylad. Not much is known about Zianna, however we do know that she rarely ever leaves her chambers after the disappearance of her sons.

Garte, becoming extremely involved with politics and making O'Khasis a kingdom, started focusing on himself and not Zianna, or presumably even Garroth and Zane's needs. She sought comfort in another man. She told Garte about the affair, but she was already pregnant with Vylad. Therefore, Vylad's birth was the result of an affair. She is the only one who knows who Vylad's biological father is.

From what Vylad had said in Episode 66: A Demon's Son, Zianna liked baking. Vylad also said that himself, Garroth and Zane would fight over who got the first piece but it is unknown how Zianna reacted to this.

After awhile, Zianna makes an appearance in Episode 87 and 88 when Garroth finds her stuck in a cell, being held captive in O'khasis by Tu'la. She is nostalgic to see Garroth after all the few years she had not seen him. She informs Garroth that she does not know where his father is, but is cut off shortly due to Garroth and his friends needing to escape O'khasis before morning struck.

In "She's Pregnant!?", Ivy sent the Phoenix Drop Alliance a letter informing them the upcoming execution of Zianna. In the following episode Garroth travels to O'khasis to save her. In "Battle of O'khasis", Garroth and Vylad manage to free her by killing all of the guards and Ivy. 

Zianna takes the relic Ivy had and leads them to Hyria's home. Aphmau, Katelyn and Lucinda are there as well. It turns out that Zianna and Hyria were old friends. Hyria leads the group inside to talk. 


She has long black hair with mint green eyes and is shown wearing a white dress with a black cross similar to the one on Garroth's first armor set and Zane's normal appearance. She looks very similar to Zane and even has a very similar name to him.


In the few appearances she has had, Zianna has been shown to be a woman who cares deeply for the people around her, so much that she shouldered the weight of the guilt brought on by Falconclaw's destruction and breaking down when Aphmau mentioned Aaron, the former Lord of Falconclaw, had survived Zane's attack. From the little bit known of her, it can be assumed she's a loving mother to all her sons, even hoping it would change Zane, but to no avail.


  • Zianna means "higher".
  • Zianna had two lovers, Garte, Garroth and Zane's father and Vylad's adoptive father and an unnamed male character, Vylad's father.
  • The picture of Zianna (below) is not an image like the picture of Abby that Jeffory had, but rather a memory of Vylad's that Aphmau was able to observe through using her Lady Irene powers.
  • Zianna calls Garroth "GarGar", her nickname which is first introuduced in MyStreet.
    • Because of this, she most likely calls Zane and Vylad by their nicknames that Zianna has given them in MyStreet.
  • Although she originally has lime green eyes, in later episodes her eye color appears to be a deep blue which shows where Garroth and Zane got their blue eyes from. 



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